Getting sick of this meta


I know this has been complained about so many times already and if you’re annoyed by that then just find another thread but this divine meta is getting on my nerves more and more everyday. I’ll skip the part where I talk about how overpowered it is because that’s common knowledge at this point. But what I wanna complain about is that nobody uses ANYTHING else in PvP. All I run into now is that comp or fire bombs and I got so sick of it that I started keeping track of my last 15 matches just to make my point. Literally this is what it was:

Divine meta
Divine meta
Divine meta
Divine meta
Fire bombs
Divine meta
Divine meta
Fire bombs
Fire bombs
Fire bombs
Divine meta
Fire bombs
Dragon team (finally)
Divine meta
Divine meta

I’m just so sick of this being my T3 every single time I go to play PvP. It’s honestly ruining gems of war for me.


You see lot of fire bombs because of the weekly event (kill red troop)


Time to nerf Fire Bombs? :rofl:

They need to make defenses matter. Currently it’s better to have your defenses lose.
And even if you put up a solid Defense. The stats you see for wins and losses are completely inaccurate thanks to Casual PvP facing your defense as well.

What’s the point of trying to put up a creative defense when there’s no way to know how good it is? Not to mention the AI can play some defenses completely wrong. That doesn’t help anything.

Long story short… Get used to fire Bombs and Divines… They aren’t going anywhere soon.


I’m sick of seeing the same shit too.
Can’t beat 'em; join 'em!

Seriously though I’d love to see more variety and creativity…


I actually joined the “dark side” and put 4x firebomb into my def. Why?
1st because kill red troops
2nd because I’m sick of firebomb teams too

My solution - let’s all do firebombs in PvP-defense maybe then the devs will finally address the problem. They already have a mechanism for using more than one of the same troop (gw) so why not simply adapt that and make the teamscore lower which also means less rewards for fighting those teams… and don’t say legacy code… can’t get any worse than it already is.

EDIT: Firebombs don’t need a nerf.


They are not going to nerf fire bomb. People want to hurry up and get to rank 1 and then do other things like real life or play other games. :upside_down_face:


Totally agree with this statement. I personally hate fire bomb teams more than the divine meta. I commented in a thread a few weeks ago where we were discussing giving bonus defence points for using different troops each day in a similar way to guild wars works for using unique troops. I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s about time defence teams became relevant, as opposed to just setting it to the current meta/fire bombs and then forgetting about it for weeks.


Couldn’t you just fight yourself to test out a defense? Granted, using that option doesn’t negate the larger problems surrounding the meta, that would take people caring about other people’s fun, and that’s not going to happen unless there is strong incentive to make that happen.


Quite the opposite, fire bombs should actually be buffed so that they just all explode at once! Also, make them immune to mana drain (yes I stupidly used Famine once against a fire bomb team, no idea what possessed me to actually drag the match out longer!).


Many players don’t want any challenge at all playing GoW and wants to have a 100% win rate, instead of 90-99%. These 4 x firebomb defense teams fits their wish perfectly.

I have been running an Orc team the latest months, so it is at least a minor challenge and good for the eye to most. :+1:


Test it 100 times. A few days later the AI will play it completely different. Has to do with scaling difficulty AI and it adjusting on the fly. The devs have said they never mess with it. Though it seems to change randomly. Therefore I think it’s programmed to adjust it’s self over time.


We need more color coordinated bombs. Blue bombs, green bombs, etc.


Nope, I don’t believe it. We nerfed Ubastet, Divine Ishbaala, and Infernus. Everyone knows a nerf is the only solution to a stale meta, and we got 3 nerfs. That means we should have a triple fresh meta.

Some sons of Goblins thought new, more powerful troops would fix the meta, but that’s crazy talk. So we got 3 nerfs and now we can all see the meta has shifted dramatically, just like every other time nerfs have fixed the meta. Who wants new troops with new abilities, anyway? I’m perfectly happy with my 2 “do 25 damage plus something minor” troops weekly.

Here’s a fun challenge! Pretend PvP is an event where you can only use troops released in the past 6 weeks. The meta gets really exciting if you do this! If you think losing is exciting!


Might be time for a little break also please watch your language


My point is that I have to put my absolute best teams forward to be matched and nothing even comes close to competing against the divine meta I fight time and time again. How would I have fun using teams composed of troops who are considerably less leveled and powerful when the divine meta just obliterates anything and everything


My post was dripping with sarcasm. I was also in an especially sour mood. So what I meant to express then was:

  • Nerfing Divines didn’t make them less powerful by a significant margin.
  • I think we could nerf Divines so hard they aren’t useful, but then we’ll just fall back to Nyxbringer again. We need “more powerful teams”, not “please make this team weaker”.
  • Everyone always complains they want a challenge via nerfs, but nobody wants to take the “PvP leaderboard with 4 Peasants” challenge for some reason.

Here’s my perspective this week, when I’m not so sour:

I am absolutely tired of Fire Bomb teams. I get that they are overall good for me, it’s just… boring. It’s like playing a cookie clicker, and I can play one of those if I want.

I’m honestly seeing a ton of diversity in teams since the Divines nerf. Majority Fire Bomb. 2nd-most is still some variant of Divines. But people are really trying out Megavore teams and there are a couple scary good teams I wish I had screenshotted before they obliterated me.

I hope this means there are more teams with the power level of Divines now. That would be “a successful nerf”. I hope it also means we get more new troops that encourage players to try something that isn’t Divines.

Meanwhile, 90% of my PvP has been replaced with Delve. It takes a long time.


I remember before 4.0 some people mentionned the possibility of a LT nerf but since delve is out i really don’t see the need to do it since the pvp time of everyone been cut. I can see it by the leaderboard, usually at this time the #1 is at 80k+ points and this week only at 65k


Imagine it would be a little fun to see how meta would be with a all Dragons have an start out with 40-50 % mana trait for Dragonguard Hero or a new Dragon. Possibly we would had two closely strong meta races. And it would be fun to use Dragons again. I would have let it a go as fast as possible if I was Sirrian.



I think monsters 40-50% full would give you a good run in pvp.


Then we would have possibly 3 meta races equally interesting and strong. If we get Dragons as well. I do say it would be worth a go.