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Dragon and Goblin armies

Is anyone else getting fed up of the shear amount of Dragon and Goblin armies there are? I’m coming across 6 dragon armies in every 10 battles I fight and 2 goblins.

Come on people, be a bit more imaginative!

It’s all divine on my 3t list. Maybe a goblin team here and there. It would definitely be nice to get some variety in pvp.

It would be too much work for the devs though and not much more profit so I don’t think it is something on their to do list.

One way they could change it is to give a different group after each fight. Not just a different player with the same defense as the last player.

But you can’t blame the game for what players do. Can you?

Oh no. I’m not criticising the devs on that rather the players. I know it’s dragon week but you would think people would go their own way rather than be sheep.

I agree with you it would be too much work for the devs to sort out.

Unless the devs incentivize variety, players will use whatever they want. Sometimes this is 4x Fire Bomb teams, sometimes it is dragons, sometimes divines. I suspect the meta is healthier than it’s been in a while, because even divine teams are less common (on PC/mobile, mind you) than meta teams in the past.

But how to encourage players to mix it up? One way might be to offer a chance at an ingot based on how common the used troops are. Then double that chance if the defense team wins (this discourages intentionally-bad teams of 4x Winged Bison and such).


You can’t be serious. I get 98% divine


Sounds a good idea. I hope the devs read your comment :slight_smile:

Rojo1 - sounds like you’re in a similar boat to me then except with Divines rather than Dragons.

Dragons are very common in mid game I come across them in most of my fights on my level 400 account. Enjoy it wile it lasts level 1000+ is all divines and they are a lot more annoying.

If you have Dragon Soul, Krystenax and level 20 dragonguard class they are really easy to beat. I use Mountain Crusher/Krystenax/Dragon Soul/Krystenax and have a fire storm at the start of the battle and regularly beat level 1000+ people with all types of maxed out teams.


I’ve been up against a player who had Death, War and famine and they were very annoying. Also lost quite catastrophically too.