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Not sure about new hero class development

It’s kinda fun to have one more aspect of the game to tinker with. But I don’t think it’s going to change anything about the balance of the game. My team still gets defeated in PvP by Level 19/20 Dragon teams that I have no change against; especially considering the match mana drop imbalance. I think all the strongest teams will be Dragon/Daemon driven and we won’t see very successful hero lead teams. And I really wish that I was not attacked in PvP by these obviously over matched teams. Seems a little unfair when you talk about balance as I have NO chance for revenge. Attention: devs.

You may need to develop your own troops more. While dragons and daemons are strong troops, they are far from being unbeatable and you’d find often the strongest teams have a team mentality and not simply 4 strong troops that hope to out mana gain your opponent.

Ive noticed a much wider variety of PVP opponents since the patch. Skipping an opponent is only 10 gold, and a fairly low VIP level gets you free scouting so picking and choosing is still easy.