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Changes to PVP teams

Hi all!

Just a quick update to let you know that we’ve made some changes to the matchmaking system. Overall, you will notice that the system is now better at selecting diverse teams to battle. We hope this provides more variety to your fights.

The PVP changes aren’t targeting anything specific. It’s not intended to remove Firebombs or Divine teams specifically, rather to help keep a variety of things presented to players even when a meta forms, so you will still be able to see these teams in PVP.


I approve of diverse matchmaking in general, but so we can give better feedback, what sort of “diverse” is the new system aiming for? For example,

  • If we just fought a Fire Bomb team, the next set of 3 choices are all less likely to be Fire Bombs; or
  • Regardless of what we fought last time, the three options won’t all be Fire Bombs (or Divines); or
  • Some other diverseness?

Does it aim for more diversity on the team composition level, or the individual troop level?


Amazing news! Well done and thanks

(Assuming it works and the update didn’t break anything fundamental :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


This is the kind of thing I would like details about, instead of just playing for a week and checking to see if I notice lol. Hopefully its good?

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Divines: less frequent
Found a leviathan 3xanu team
Found a sirrian
Found a… Quad queen team
Fire bombs occuring a lot less now, perhaps not so godo for newer players who relied on them. (found 1 after 10 fights instead of the usual 1-3)… He said as he’s just gotten 3 firebombs in a row

Changes to PVP teams…or “we changed to matching system to lower gold farming” :smiley:


That does sound a lot like “teams that contain multiple copies of the same troop won’t get picked, so you won’t be facing any more Fire Bomb teams once the system settles in”.


I’ve just come across a “Four Treasure” team.

Seems weird fighting a Crown, a Ring, a Purse and a Chalice…!


I’m hyped as heck if this means 75% of my opponents will be something that isn’t a Fire Bomb team.

I wonder what’s going to happen to win rates across the board?

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Uhh, can we get, like, a lot more detail on the changes?


I am hopeful that it will pick up new metas and adjust accordingly. Would be disappointing to have to wait for the community to identify the meta each time.


RIP firebomb slot machine. And good riddance!

This seems like an excellent improvement, well done devs! So far I’ve found PvP much more enjoyable; this new algorithm definitely produces a greater variety of teams.

I wonder how many troops could have been spared the nerfhammer if this had been done sooner? So far today I’ve lost to a khorvash based team and a Yao guai based team, neither of which have beaten me recently. How many cries of overpowered were due to the frequency a troop was encountered rather than its actual quality? :thinking:


Boo-urns. Boo-urns, I say!

I thought you and your brother favored Fire Bomb teams?
So is less of them really an “amazing news” for you?

Spot on, it took some time, but finally! :+1:

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I don’t mind Firebomb teams, easy class talent xp… but I get that more variety is better, much, better for the game. I coped just fine levelling past 1300 and winning matches for nearly four years with opponents that didn’t all commit suicide on the first turn…

If by the tired ‘brother’ joke you mean my guildmate, then no, I think he hates firebomb teams much more than I do…


Thanks for the clarification, Goodwill. :grin:

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Basically I see a Divine team where I used to have a break from them with a Fire Bomb team…so going to be doing even less PVP…first Elspeth, now Fire Bombs…

If players could put a variety of teams on defense this wouldn’t be a problem, but sheep going to baaaaaah.

First of all have the courage to say you guys simply nerfed the fire bomb gold farming. I am very disappointed with this change. Just yesterday I upgraded my VIP status to level 3 for automatic scouting for the soul purpose of easier fire bomb farming, so I kind of feel cheated. Of course the people who already fire bomb gold farmed their way to level 10 kingdoms and maxed out their gold keys will say what a great change this is. Please reconsider, you are hurting your paying customers and low level guilds with this change.


Which of the following are examples of how the game is meant to be played?

a) Seeing twelve Fire Bombs for your pvp options.
b) Putting a suicide team for defense because there’s some dumb glitch that gives you defense wins for it on casual.
c) Only playing against teams that offer no challenge whatsoever.
d) None of the above.

If you selected a), b) or c), you’re wrong!

Complaining about changes to fix things that are obviously not healthy for the game is stupid. Its good that the devs have decided to improve things. And no, this isn’t hurting “paying customers” - the “paying customers” don’t need to hit Fire Bombs for gold.