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Get rid of scouting in pvp

i just started gow and my own guild, i would like to see scouting gone i think its to big a advantage for the other player to see my team so they can match up, keep the power level but not the scouting

NO NO NO scouting is good !!! Helps avoiding Mabs and Maws…

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scouting isn’t good its for ppl that like to have an advantage in a game cause most time they wont it easy, like i said keep the power level and the one fav troop of the team but not my whole team

Invade wins are more important than defense wins, so having the scout ability around is actually better for everyone.

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sorry yonizaf but my mom didn’t raise a loser, their both important to me i don’t like to see what i put hard work into defeated so easy, if that’s the case let me have a scout killer option for 75 gold turned on as long as i have the gold to pay and if u still scout me u have to fight after ur scout gets killed by my scout killer

Hard work? You call picking a defend team hard work?

Brb when i learn to take this kid seriously (i.e. Never)


Of course! I have to use my calculator to determine random numbers for my defend team. Very hard work.

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They may be important to you, but invade wins are more important to everyone. I don’t think the devs should care for your personal pride more than they should care about everyone else.

Then win, but by your own power, and within the existing rules. That’s what makes a winner. Asking the devs to change the game so you’ll lose less is definitely not going to make you any less of a loser.


Scouting encourages players to create interesting teams for different situations. Yes, it’s very powerful, and contributes significantly to invasion win rates being 90% or more. However, the alternative would encourage players to stick with one team that works well against most others, or is built against the defense meta, even more so that currently. It would make the game boring, and make every match a gamble. Gems of War is a game of strategy and counter-strategies. If players do not have enough information to make intelligent choices, then they can only guess, act randomly, or pursue safe but boring strategies.


What? The pre-battle picture and team score (despite known problems/inaccuracy) is one of the greatest improvements to pvp in the last year+.

And actual scouting is mostly irrelevant since it’s there, why bother?

If you want more challenge ask for difficulty steps that tune the AI to actually play instead and aim for a win rather than just flailing.


Well, I don’t care much personally as I almost never use scouting, but as soon as troops designed against something specific appeared (a year ago or so) I thought “What’s the point? Why would I use a targeted troop not knowing what I’ll be fighting”. Then the Scout option was added, which made perfect sense. Removing it now would make very little sense at least because of those specific troops, which are much more common right now.

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There are troops designed to fight against other troops; gobcruncher for example, dragon cruncher (is that right?) etc. that would be a little useless if you have built teams to fight certain other teams but can’t scout. And to me, it’s not about making it an easy win… It’s not cheap or simple to build such teams. The ability to scout in my opinion also raises the bar for people building their defense teams. Finding a team that can ward off most attacks isn’t easy… Even more so because they can scout.
This also encourages us to build more than one team… Not just a single team for every battle. An anti-goblin team, and anti-dragon team etc etc.
sorry but I disagree with your idea.


Scouting is like wiretapping, you don’t want to beleive it is happening to you but they already know all your secrets and how to combat them.

Question: Did you are able scout other players too?
I can’t see advantage if the tool is here for all.

I thank everyone for ur reply, and u all should get together and start a guild named we like life easy

You’re the one that wants life easy. You want defense wins without having to work for them. Scouting was instituted at the request of the community. Your lone voice crying in the wilderness is not going to change anything.


River has it absolutely right. You want to be trolled by people with dust devils. Don’t hit scout. It is as simple as that. Meanwhile I don’t need to spend an extra five minutes in a match that I am going to win anyway. That is also some of the beauty of the game, play the way you want and leave others alone.


I for one enjoy the pre-game selection process. “Oh, they’re using a Bone Dragon? Better bring some targeted magic damage. They’re using a first-troop-shredder? Better bring a disposable first troop. They’re using a Mab? Better bring a…Mab.” It’s fun to make an informed decision ahead of time as to how much risk I can tolerate. Sometimes I’ll take a chaining team to a Frozen-fest and see if I can’t get my loop going before Mab can get a 4-match. Sometimes I don’t want to risk so much, so I take a slower “nuke” team.

(Or I just take Mab/Mab/Valkyrie/Mercy, which is the Easy button these days.)


I win 98% of my matches without scouting anyways. I actually haven’t used the scout option more than maybe 10-20 times since it’s implementation (That’s very little compared to the matches I’ve played).

If you think scouting is what’s making your defense an easy win, it’s actually the braindead AI.
Doesn’t matter what you have standing guard, you’ll lose more than win (on defense) after early game, this is guaranteed.