General game play

Just wondering if i should or when use my supplies in the soulforge like summoning stones

You could look around for some budget teams and make a list of the common to UR troops that you need for them. Then watch the troops available in the summoning stones, which change weekly.

Getting a bunch of copies of sunbird and ascending it is a great help early on. Firebomb, leprechaun, and apothecary are also needed for useful teams.

The best way to boost your collection early on is to hit 2000 guild seals per week and spend them at the end of the week when the guild chest is as high a level as possible - ideally level 6.

You’ll also want to unlock the best 2 classes, Titan and Elementalist, and get the Mang weapon (you’ll have to look up the exact requirements for it).


Another strategy that works well can be Armor buffing – troops like Clockwork Sphinx (Alastair, etc) paired with Paladin, High Paladin, or Rowanne. And it becomes even more effective when paired with the Urskaya class weapon (which buffs Armor + Barrier).