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Help appreciated - fun teams with few Legendaries?

Hello everyone.
I’m level 126, and just unlocked Soulforge. So I wanted to relax grinding up the kingdoms, and have some fun. Right now my working team is a well-known Cog-Rowena-Clockwork Sphinx-Lady Ironbeard combo, only two traits on Sphinx. Cleans progression, sometimes gets the Dungeon 3rd boss, simple and straightforward.
I want some other team with comparable or better effect, even if its not as simple. Problem is: high-tier troops.
I have no Mythics, and 4 Legendaries: Dullahan, Glaycion, Silenus, Sylvanimora. No Bloodhammer so can’t have fabled Doomskull team. No Goblins above Ultra-Rare. There’s a hint about Silenus-based team, but I lack Satyr Musician for that. No Azura, and a long way to get her.

Hints, links, guides are very much appreciated.
Also: best way to farm Legendaries? I’m in a guild, we get to 20000 seals quite often.

Short on time, here are a few quick thoughts:

  • Even at your level you can totally build around Glaycion. Throw in Mountain Crusher, and Apothecary is a great synergistic troop because Glaycion generates blue and can loop with her.

  • Save your event keys, and use them to target the legendaries you want. Taransworld.com has a schedule of what kingdoms are coming up each week, so you can plan your spending accordingly. Beyond that, make sure you unlock the Underworld ASAP, a lot of strong Legendary troops there you can get with chaos shards.


There are some good legendary troops that you can target in Delves, one that helps with Rowanne teams to blaze through low level explore/challenges is the Maraji Queen. She allows Elementals (Rowanne) to start with half mana, but on the other hand it relies on having a generous bonus of armor that you usually lack until a bit later.

So this is a tip to keep in mind regarding the Legendaries you can more reliably target with Delves. Gobbletruf (or something like that) from Amanitrax is also a very reliable legendary for those who like to play with Goblins.

The problem about traits: You will need to unlock certain traits in your teams, specially for the legendaries and Mythics when you acquire them, The best way to do it, without grinding until your mind goes numb from the repetition, is to use some Orbs of Wisdom, you maybe have some minor orbs from your guild completing some events and the best cost/benefit to use them is to always use a Minor Orb on the last trait because these are the most expensive. For Mythics you can even use two Minor Orbs since even the second trait is a bit costly.

You’ll save time and spare yourself of the mental fatigue and no. You’ll not miss those orbs to craft Zull Goth in the future… The Orbs of Ascension are the ones you should save. By the time you get them to craft Zull you’ll have a lot of Orbs of Wisdom to spare.

About King Silenus: He is nice, like a little Ketras, The Bull, hits three enemies, is Impervious and makes all Wildfolks start with half mana. You could play him with Ragnagord untraited since you get the benefits of the 50% mana anyway. You can use your Hero with Anu’s Scepter to have another troop able to destroy gems and generate mana for the team, and the fourth slot could be another Wildfolk of another color/s that won’t mana-block or get mana-blocked by the the other three I suggested.

General suggestions: I like Emperor Khorvash, and you have a chance to get him with Event Keys this week, other troops from Leonis Empire are also nice to play with like Amira, Lion Prince and Tigraki Warrior, you have a good chance to get more copies of Tigraki Warrior if you purchase tiers in the upcoming Bounty Event starting tomorrow.

Bounty Events are nice Solo-Events (in the sense that you don’t help/get help from your guildmates), and they can give you a fair amount of rewards for little to no investiment at all.

All bounty troops are Rares, you can get them from Gold Chests and they are cheap to trait. It’s very important to trai them so you can get the full score bonus. And I can suggest my own team for you to test out if you can:

Soldier of Wrath
Tigraki Warrior
Rift Lynx

The banner is any banner that gives bonus to Red and Blue Mana, if you have Faction banners Fangmoor works (+2 :gem_red: +1 :gem_blue: -1 :gem_brown:), but Sunken Fleet is better (+2 :gem_blue: +1 :gem_red: -1 :gem_green: ) because you won’t lose mana that Tigraki warrior can use.

The tactics are simple: The team has spells with true damage, Crysturtle is a good tanker with Stoneskin and it cam transform gems to Brown so you can fill Tigraki Warrior and snipe out the enemies. The stronger the enemies the more damage Tigraki Warrior can cause because his spell is boosted by the enemy’s armor. Soldier of Wrath and Rift Lynx can help too since their spells combined will also usually kill a single target.

Try to ignore skulls, it removes armor of the first enemy and it reduces the damage of Tigraki Warrior, but you can just target the other enemies below the first one as well and leave him for later. Rift Lynx is nice to push an enemy to the last spot and leave him mana-blocked by his other allies.

It’s a pretty straight-forward team, basic math with true damage and you are good to go as long as the whole team is traited for extra bonus score. You could buy the shop tiers for the Potion of Enchantment, it makes battles faster and gives you more sigils to maybe recover the gems you used. You can just as well not spend a single gem and still get some nice rewards with gems and orbs included.

I hope these points help you.


King Silenus is actually quite a good troop to have for quick battles. You’ll also want Queen Beetrix from The Deep Hive as soon as you can get her. She’s one of the best troops in the game, and starts at 50% with King Silenus’s third trait.

Here’s a team for easy farming once you have her - note that you will need all three traits for Silenus and Leprechaun, and having all three is helpful for Beetrix:

King Silenus
(any hero class with a weapon that uses brown and not blue or green)
Queen Beetrix

if you ever get a cederick from vault you can build Skeleton key team:

Egg thief
Thief with Skeleton Key (any class that has cunning talent tree is good here -> Light fingers is your desired talent)

but that requires having some luck on gnome event (getting few vault keys) and having luck on vaults (getting cederick out)

but, if you dont have Cederick, you can try, a weaker version of it, with a troop with Merchant trait active. which doesnt’ use green (check Moneylender, Broker of Greed, Alchemist)
you can get skeleton key, by doing 250 fights with Thief class

key troop in this build is Egg Thief and key weapon is Skeleton Key, other 2 troops could be 2 merchants(too boost max gold limit), 2 greedy merchants (broker of greed, merchant price are both good at last spot)

so early version of this build could look like:

Broker of Greed
Egg thief
Skeleton Key
Merchant Prince

one note about the team above -> you dont want to EVER cast broker of greed with this build, you have him only to give you bonus to max gold + soak up some damage before egg thief starts destroying whole board of gems with single cast

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lapina explorer and faunessa are pretty good wildfolks and they are both yellow so really great if you want to use them with bard class.

As for farming legendaries -> use chaos shards to get all faction legendaries. Most of them are usefull (maybe skip Lyzshara Lair or whatever name that cursed delve has - she is not worth spending shards unless you need troops for power levels in Shentang).
Other than that i’d suggest opening chests in batches of 200 or at least 50 (dont open chests unless you have at least 50 -200 stacked). usually bigger batches contain at least few of legendaries :wink:

Legenedaries i’d suggest to get 1st from factions:
Queen Beetrix (deep hive)
King Gobtruffle (amanitrax)
Maraji Queen (sunken fleet)

these 3 are usefull even in endgame

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Since they released the new Guild Guardians, you have several new options for powerful cheap teams. E.g.:

  • Finesse
  • Finesse
  • Stormcaller / Your best AoE weapon
  • Lepreuchan

(great to quickly clear dailies)

  • Ferocity
  • Ferocity
  • Shaman / Ragereaver
  • Ferocity

(I regularly use this one to clear red kingdom Challenges up to level 200)

  • Cunning
  • Cunning
  • Archmagus / Essence of Evil
  • Lyrasza

(I’ve even beaten a couple of level 500 purple delves with this one)


Thanks a ton! (the same for all other replies).
I assembled a Glaycithekary team, and its really fun. Not so hard-hitting and reliable as Sphinx-Rowena, but definitely fun.
Working the campaign to get the underworld, so a bit more grind. Tried Vault for the first time, and my 5th run or so gave me Cedric. Will fiddle with that when I have some time on hands.
Have to farm up Ragnagord and other Legendaries mentioned here. Wanna bring Silenus on the line at last.


Even though it seems like the OP has stuff worked out, I’d like to add that Apothecary is another great troop for this team. She has Merchant so you get a bit of a boost, but her skill comes in really handy: converts a color to brown, which supplies SK and can give an extra turn if used right, and it cleanses all troops. Both if those have saved my skin more than a few times. (I mostly use her in delves where Cedric isn’t available, maybe Egg Thief also? Can’t remember off hand…)