Gems of War Seasons

Please make a way to start from scratch four times a year like many games do. I started a second account just to see how beginning play is with the new updates and it is so much fun! I don’t want to invest the time in a second account so I would love a way to play like this with one account.

I don’t know how this would go down exactly but a way to start from scratch with a leaderboard and rewards per season could be so much fun.

New game+

Sacrifice all of your troops and resources. Gain a permanent +1 to all stats. Must be at least level 1000 to do this.


Only if it is optional

Good grief, Not sacrifice everything. Diablo for example does it the best way, it’s and independent environment UNTIL the end of the season, then your seasonal stuff gets dropped into your main profile and added.

hehe and New game++ and New game+++, Dark Souls :wink:

Optional for sure. Im thinking it would be best if it was a clean slate mini game but I think season guilds would complicate it too much.

That would be perfect

Or maybe a restricted mode.
With team value cap, stat cap and no multiple copies. Then you decide if you want Normal or Restricted game. Maybe replace Casual with it.

i like the idea to reset leaderboards per season !

i dont think anyone needs a mark of activity accumulated over x years, the most recent season is much more suitable for an active competition

( but dont like the idea of resetting account itself )


Which leaderboards are we talking about here? Extending PvP from weekly to three months feels pretty boring, resetting guild trophies and associated bonuses sounds like a call for pitchforks. Are there any other leaderboards I’m missing?

the guild “lifetime long” bonuses shouldnt be tied to a leaderboard in the first place, and yeah i meant the guild trophies - it suppose to be a leaderboard not an achievement list

you could tie those guild bonuses to statue levels for example, once they are leveled there is no deleveling them ,same with those bonuses, you just dont loose them once earned (or you can keep a separate lifetime long trophy spent measurement just not make a leaderboard out of it, or make it separate leaderboard)

once guild trophy leaderboard is reseting seasonal and the guild bonuses arent tied to it it can breathe new life, new type of competition (with seasonal rewards?!) and show actual activity amongst guilds (dead and inactive guilds are automatically out, unlike the current state of leaderboard)

you know, if devs refreshed this area instead of refreshing ui i bet the players wouldnt be so unhappy

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So, keep the current lifetime trophy leaderboard and add another seasonal one that offers rewards? Sounds okay to me, I’d prefer a weekly schedule though. Ties in better with the current pacing, three months is an awful long time.

Of course, those extra rewards would probably have to be paid for in some way so that the net payout stays the same. Which other rewards could be reduced to compensate?

if you trully must compensate with something as its loss then the guild wars rewards (since their gw activity will go towards guild trophy activity partially)? xD or the the pvp leaderbpard since that rewards nearly noone (sorry) lol

Unfortunately, rewards is mostly a zero sum game. Problem with Guild Wars (and especially PvP) rewards is that they are already pretty insignificant when you’re not at the top, there isn’t much to take away.

Another way of funding might be to add a minor entrance fee to Ranked PvP, something like 100 gold for each match. The combined sum could then be paid out as rewards (for PvP and trophies seasons), possibly partially converted to a higher currency (e.g. keys).

Looking at my usual PvP placement that’s likely going to cost me more than I would earn, the amount feels insignificant enough to really make a difference though. It would definitely spice up the competition for those interested in competing for ranks.

i completely agree

i suppose it might do

What “guild lifetime long bonuses”?

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guild trophies, the bonus is basically a daily login gold bonus :joy: but to make a leaderboard just to show that? imo this is some prehistoric leftover that needs to be refreshed

they could have as well build a leaderboard for guild statues levels… lol :unamused:

ouf of such things i think id prefer to see a leaderboard of account levels, at least it would feel more like an achievement…

with guild trophies, ppl come and go, its not really your or your guilds achievement when most of old members are long gone and who knows how many of those trophies dont belong to the ppl in, so nobody can even enjoy this to the fullest as an achievement