Guild reset (seasons), guild wars



One thing I’ve noticed is there is no way for a new guild to catchup to an old guild in practice; you would have to double the amount of playtime for a significant amount of time. Is there any plans on ‘seasons’ to see how guilds do? Perhaps every month have a reset on trophies so guilds can pull together to see how they do?

The other suggestion I have is to implement a way of guilds fighting each other; to instigate war on each other (consensual) for a week. Perhaps a way to steal gold from each other, or perhaps an agreed upon wager. Something worth fighting over, and make it so that high end guilds can’t pick on weak guilds.

I’d like to see both of these options implemented in a future release. Right now it feels like all the guilds are playing in a bubble; that they’re just a bunch of people that happen to play together without anything to tie them together (like a common enemy).



An improved guild system and guild wars have been requested several times and I guess something is already planned by the devs. But from what I read about 1.0.8 so far the next update will focus on other aspects.


I understand that a serious overhaul of guilds and guild wars / missions etc will be on the cards (pun intended) somewhere down the line.

I’ve posted elsewhere before this view: this game is only half finished, in terms of end content, cool stuff, etc - so we’re lucky to be playing and enjoying such a good beta version :smile:


Surely a rank reset every month or three wouldn’t be that hard to implement right now!!

Or instead of a complete reset, a rescale (so #1 guild starts next season with 1000 trophies, #2 guild with 990 trophies, etc for whatever numbers are appropriate 100/99 or 50 / 40 / 30 etc) …

Would give the guilds something to endlessly aim for each season :stuck_out_tongue:



The rewards should be real good tho…


I would like keep overall trophy leader board, just add seasonal/monthly. I enjoy slowly catching up to the next guild.


That sounds like a great day


I think this is the best idea!


I thought there was originally supposed to be a reset on the guilds trophy counts and rewards given to guilds based on the number of trophies obtained.


There might be one day… the devs have a ‘plan’ it seems :wink: