Gems of Streaming


Some informations from last streaming:

  • in the future, we could get some events for already existing modes like Treasure Hunt
  • a new troop rarity (like the new doom rarity for weapon): maybe but it will not be “unlockable” like the existing rarities (so we will not need 5 Mythics).
  • more langages (portuguese, korean, japanese) but it’s expensive
  • more cosmetics
  • change quests how it works because players are rushing them
  • patch 4.2, something about guildmasters. More tunng for guild shields.
  • the 3-months story will be able as an ebook/pdf
  • weapons upgrade: don’t like the explode affix, looking at that
  • new stuff like a new Mythic 3-colors weapon in the soulforge (like it was said months ago…)
  • Christmas event
  • a notification when new messages appear in the chat (like the one when there is new mails)
  • merchandises coming (as usual…)
  • level 500 delve too hard with faction team. Need an update.


Also activity log for guilds coming in 4.2 I think.


Get ready for “troop forging” requiring yet another set of hard-to-obtain collectible items! :laughing:


So we’ll need 5 orbs of power instead? :crazy_face:


again cheating and bad taste, many were waiting for updates on the guild, so here it is?


the game is already clear to roll into the abyss, the necessary things are not done, but all sorts of laughter and bling and donat we are suffering, When will you start listening to the people?


When you update guilds, they very much require improvement and improvement, at the moment they are of little use as well as opportunities in them. Please consider my words and update guilds all the same.


We are planning on doing significant upgrades to our guild system in the future. :slight_smile:


If only there was a way to test these things prior to release. :thinking:


in the future, when? if it’s not a secret, just for now the guild routine kills the whole mood for the game


I cannot wait to stream tomorrow and preview some upcoming Primal Rift troops for you!!!

I’ll also be discussing some cheeky sneaky spoilers for 4.2. So come along for codes, banter and to chat with me, your most Salty stream host.


Cheeky Spoillers!!! Cheeky!!


I am the most cheeky sneaky member of our team, especially when it comes to spoilers.


Today today today!!! Also, there is something new and shiny on our stream, so come check it out!


salty got a new mug :grinning:


It is, surprisingly, not a new mug! it’s more to do with the stream than anything to do with me. :slight_smile:


@Saltypatra is live now showing off the new Underworld Faction and some new purrdy stream graphics!


About the guild there is news?


In stream Salty drinks coffee and sometimes purrs so…


I thought she liked coffee, not catpuccino. I guess they are both served black though.