Gems of Streaming


KK will make birb code just for you!



Talking about pets, would @Sheba approve a Squid Bunny?


I…hm. I thought about this for a bit now and don’t think I approve. This is clearly not a squid trying to become a bunny, but a bunny slowly changing into a squid. As squids are inferior to bunnies, such a transformation cannot be approved. Squids are cool and all, but they’re just not fluffy-cute with moving noses.


Well, all the trouble i had to match that couple a few months ago went down the drain…
I also don’t like squids very much, don’t judge me but, they don’t have bones… So yeah… i can’t get along very well with “pure meat” creatures. :skull:


Just for actual sciences sake, it would actually be more likely that the image above would be from a Squid becoming a Bunny rather than the other way around. I’ll just leave the Game Theory video explaining about it (in simpler terms than being too scientific) here…

Now to disappear before @Saltypatra bans me for giffing/derailing a thread…


How these squid-kids happened:


May we leave our questions to @Sirrian here? Just to hold them in one place.


The stream tomorrow won’t be functioning as a developer Q and A. It’s more of a look back on Gems of War and a chance for everyone to hang out with Sirrian. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!




As ready as i can.


@Saltypatra and @Sirrian are live now for the 4th Anniversary of Gems of War Stream! Check it out now, and there may be some special codes available to those attentive watchers!


Can someone ask Sirrian why Invasion has individual stage rewards but raid doesn’t please?


First 2 rewards in Raid Boss are individual - those for fighting minions.


You don’t understand, in invasions you get like 60 gems and a minor orb just for reaching the 4x towers enemies. This is on top of the rewards shared by all guild members.


Were any more interessting future plans than this (weapon upgrades review) in the stream? Devs stop making bad Upgrades


Next week I will be having a Primal Rift Preview and Thanksgiving stream! As such, I will be sharing stories from the last year working at Gems of War, releasing some juicy codes for you all, and discussing what we are grateful for this year!

Psssst, as it is Thanksgiving I’m happy to note some Quality of Life suggestions and see what I can pass on to the team. I’ll also be previewing out upcoming troops from the Warren, my favourite faction of the year.

26th November 6 30 PM PST: Pheonicia mythic preview stream! You will get to see her in action extra early as I build teams with the community.


Good luck with the QoLs - we really need them and the feature forums are full of good ideas! :wink:


I posted a time stamp for the video/ their answer in the other thread for that question