Gems of Streaming


No it’s fine, i just sensed that if you felt the need to be… defensive… when expressing yourself on the forums as an artist it needed a proper, not so colorful/mischievous, approach.

To us, players, it doesn’t seems like a huge deal to change two arts, it seems so meaningless that not doing it feels upsetting. Like when you ask your neighbors to be more careful about not littering in your property, and then next day the person throws away a small piece of paper on your lawn… And when you confront them they say to your face: “It’s just a small piece of paper, why don’t you pick it yourself?”

And then the next day as @Cyrup watch the news:

But well, that’s it on this subject. (About these two arts, i still have some silly “birb memes” for Cyrup not shared yet.)


One thing that must be taken into consideration is that art is expensive, so replacing art can take considerable time and money. It’s not as simple as picking up some litter, and requires significant thought and effort.

As @Neffy wasn’t the one making the art, it makes sense that she wouldn’t be comfortable commenting on it. Art is very subjective and personal.


I understand Salty, i tried to address Neffy’s apparent discomfort. One thing is to be an insufferable idiot gnawing at some old bones, not literally of course, this would be socially inadequate in my current undeath state (avatar/title joke), but being an idiot (or undead) is no excuse to be heartless.

I’m very sure everyone wants @Neffy to feel welcome on our forums, and it would be distasteful to bother her with this subject.

But if anything i could teach her some nice artistic retorts she could use such as:

  • “Oh yeah? Well, my fists are my best pens to redraw people’s faces…”
  • “Haha, that’s funny coming from a rushed-low-budget-sketch like yourself.”
  • “I bet a five years ol’ kid could draw your face and makes you look better than your best photos on Tinder.”
  • “Girl you are so easy, but so easy, that if people were commissioned art you would be a free sample.”

Anyway, i prefer to bother @Ozball about the results of his extreme diet we’ve seen on stream… What was that? An “Error 404 torso not found” programmer joke Oz? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack-o-Lantern weapon upgrades

Close enough, was half Riddler costume, combined with an Asset not loading error style joke.


Those are the BEST insults that artists could sling that I have ever heard. Made props @Razzagor!


Thankyou :slight_smile: I love feeling welcomed and I do! Especially now I have top shelf retorts to use! here are a few more since they are so fun to come up with!

  • Your opinion is a little rasterized with a side of low dpi.
  • I’d use you as reference but you came from a free stock site.
  • Your parents saved you in .jpg format instead of .png
  • Photoshop would automatically run a delete action on you.
  • When you look in the mirror all you can see is a gaussian blur.


@Neffy, this is some wonderful shade!


Thank you, i’m working my way to be a Really Bad Influence and someday i want to be The Worst.


I aim to infect everyone I meet with an insatiable taste for puns and jokes so dark, science can’t describe it other than it matters.


It’s my birthday stream tomorrow! 8D I can’t wait! I’ll be running Salty’s fight club, showing off some upcoming troops/art and releasing codes.

(I even put the Tiny Torte on our graphics!)



This mimic-cake is funny, and probably an endangered species because it looks delicious…

Also we could have a Pet Squirrel:


In Soviet Krystara, the cake eats you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So please come! I’m really excited for this stream. (Understandably.)


Is the time still correct? We’ve switched to PST


Thanks for letting me know!


The stream tomorrow will be 6 30 PST. I hope that helps! (Which is 1 30 PM AEDT.)


@Saltypatra is live now for her Birthday Stream! Expect the unexpected by watching it live now -


Thank you for joining me everyone! I had an absolutely lovely time. :slight_smile: remember, next week is our anniversary stream with @sirrian as our guest host!!!


New stream is in the schedule…

19th November 6 30 PM PST: Primal Rift Preview! (With a little added St Astra team building.) This will double as our Thanksgiving stream, so maybe we will rustle up something special for you all…


I love red bean buns! and mochi :smiley:

@Saltypatra Plz put birds in code thnx