Gems of Streaming


I’m miserable I missed the stream, watching now. I was asleep. It’s 8:10 am here in Orlando, Florida…

I wish I could have joined in, it looks like a fun stream! :hugs:


Thank you to everyone who watched my slightly delirious PAXAUS stream. It was so much fun to have an impromptu stream, and I hope to do more in the future.

We are having our next stream on Monday 6 30 PM PDT, which is Tuesday 12 30 PM AEDT for you Aussies. It will be our Halloween round robin stream, so come and meet a bunch of our developers! They will be joining me for 10-15 minutes each, so say hello, ask questions or have some banter with us all.

(This is my favourite stream of the year!!!)


You found your costume yet?


Of course!!!


I’ll be there!


Is everyone ready?!


What’s going down today, again? Is there a mythic troop to preview, or is today more about costumed schmoozing?


Costumes schmoozing and an opportunity to meet our often elusive devs.


I’ll also be running a Possessed King team, and a spoopy team!


@Saltypatra and Team are live now for some Halloween themed Stream. Expect some Spooky and Horrifying (literally) Costumes!


:poop:? Did anyone see this team?


Salty / Nimhain / Sirrian / Cyrup under Halloween banner?


I was using Frozen. I froze stream.

It was great to see you all! I’ve never been one of Halloween but doing the stream, dressing up and seeing gems of war get all halloweeny and everyone enjoy it really makes me enjoy the spirit of the custom :smiley:


I had fun! always happy to answer questions about art here too :slight_smile: just keep it nice by not putting down art that is already in the game please!


As an ex cosplayer Halloween is my favourite time of year!


Then, I guess, the ocean must be your favorite part of the world because it’s so Salty!



5th November 6 30 PM PDT: Salty’s birthday stream! I’m going to do whatever I want and release weird codes. I plan to drink at least 3 coffees and ask you FAR TOO MANY NOSY QUESTIONS. I’ll also be showing you some cheeky spoilers that I personally love BECAUSE THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY STREAM.

12th November 6 30 PM PDT: Anniversary stream! I will be talking to our fearless leader @Sirrian about the history of Gems of War, his favourite moments, memories and updates, as well as discussing the future of the game! Special once a year offer of Sirrian on stream to wax poetic about Krystara. :heart::heart::heart:


Sounds really cool! :relaxed:


The art in the game is great, some concepts an details, no matter how small, truly makes the player’s experience richer. Art is something really powerful, in all its manifestations, something that drives and sometimes defines emotions. It’s said that “Earth without art is just Eh…”

Doesn’t feel right to dicuss it here, but we all know the general emotions Frost Archer and Arctic Fox artwork awakened in us… What puzzles, and sours the mood within this subject, is why they weren’t changed after so much controversy and commotion.


_ “Earth without art is just Eh …”_ I really love that phrase!

I’m not the lead artist, boss or anything so these are only my own reflections but decisions like that tend to come from a position of moving forward and doing better rather then focusing on the past and getting stuck in a loop of endless revision, the goal is always the quality of the project as a whole entity. Thankyou for approaching the subject in such a polite way! we can move to pm’s if there is more you would like to discuss as well!