Gems of Streaming


I actually got just got my hair dyed more blonde, so I’d be down for Ozball getting blonder, then we can be a blonde trio dream team! :blonde_woman: :blonde_man: :blonde_woman:


You should all appear on stream as your avatars. Including Salty.


I would love that but that’s not much notice to build an armored cosplay and capture a white pigeon

though I certainly planned on doing the latter at some point


How about some new events themed around the holidays/special days?
Many games have special events planned for specific times of the year, so why not Gems of War?
The special Events many games celebrate with special events include the month of October for Halloween, the month of December for Christmas, the month before Easter in the spring, and a summer event. Many games go way out for the game’s anniversary as well.
So, how about Gems of War joining the trend?
I know many players in other games really look forward to these events.


I mean openinh chests are kinda like trick or treating. Sometimes you get that nougaty new mythic in only a few keys, but someone else can go through thousands with nothing and feel tricked


The forthcoming ‘Battlecrashing’ events in 4.1 will involve this kind of thing I presume :wink:


My idea is for a special Event Kingdom to pop up that will serve as a menu for the special events.
Inside will give the interface for all the special quests, mini-games, event exchange store, explore zones, special dungeons, special towers, special delves, etc. where players can earn special resources that they can exchange for troops available through the events only.
I realize all of the above will take a lot of time to do. But this kingdom will be a work in progress.
The first time it appears may only include the store and a special quest or a special dungeon to explore with the rest to be added over time.


Oh! You should plan and plot to surprise color Ozball. And he’ll never see his thread :zipper_mouth_face:

But it’s about grey go away time for me lol.


Two points, I was out sick till today, so I hadn’t seen this till now… you all nearly got away with it! :smiley:

Also I used to be blonde as a little kid, but my hair darkened as I grew older.


Wheeeee remember our next stream is Sunday 6 30 pm PDT. I will be previewing the upcoming mythic!


Hey hi hello it is me Salty. I will be streaming again today! We are also nearly at 1500 subs, so when we hit that fabled number I will release an extra code!


Watch tonight as salty dyes her hair a pumpkin orange while drinking coffee.


I was just orange! Alas, I am still blonde for this stream, so I’m sorry to disappoint anyone taking bets on a potential new colour.


@Saltypatra Orange you glad you’re just Salty?


Thanks for joining me today everyone!!! I had an amazing time with you all, and we hit some great milestones. I can’t wait to see you on our Halloween stream next week!


@Saltypatra Hope you have a great time at your conference and good luck on your panels! :smiley:


If you plan on capturing a pet, maybe you should be a pet gnome :joy:


Lapina Knight reminds me of someone we all know…


So I’m going live in ten minutes from PAXAUS. Feel free to join me for chill hangs!!!


Get in here. I’m lonely.