Gems of Streaming


Give that oar to Wild Plains so it can tread water.


Its only a small part for me but will their be new trophies added to the new update?


It didn’t have brackets on the beta server.


That will be the face I think of when I remember @Ozball and I spending a hour discussing the AI as he read my “wisdom”. :joy:


Did the rotation start this week then? (Safe to assume I’m sure. Just want to verify.)


I hope that, each last update also added new Trophies.


Yeah, @Saltypatra needs to include this exclusive emote for Twitch:


@Saltypatra what’d you think of @Ozball as a blonde? @Cyrup plays while Salty colors Oz’s hair.
Now that’s a live stream I’d watch :crazy_face:


I asked and was answered in chat that there would be.


Checked, but couldn’t find the exact comment in the 2 hour stream again. I want to say that Salty said that the rotation would officially start next week. Although, I don’t think the order of the first event matters given that the fixed ordering scheme for events which was presented as the logic behind the rotation and each future occurrence of an event shows up exactly 4 weeks after it’s previous run.

Salty said that the intent was to alternate between “gem spending” events (Raid Boss/Invasion) and “gem earning” events (Guild Wars/Tower of Doom).

So, looking at the known rotation of events for October, we have:

This Week: Raid Boss + New Faction
Week of Oct. 22: Guild Wars + Bounty
Week of Oct. 29: Invasion + New Class

As the given pattern above fits the listed pattern already, the first week in November has to be Tower of Doom + Vault. It can’t be the other “gem earning” event, as that would violate the rule that Guild Wars is once every four weeks.

Of course, that would mean that the update should land at worst during Halloween week to be on schedule, which should be not surprising in the slightest to any forum regular.


Does someone know what happens when you finish floor 25th? Can it be repeated?


Yes, according to someone in the beta thread.


New stream is in the schedule!

30th October: Halloween round robin stream! Tune in to meet our developers as they take turns streaming with Salty. Expect costumes, shenanigans, and an all around good time!

Please be aware that this stream will be Tuesday 6 30 PM PDT, because that is Halloween in Australia!


Is that 12pm Wednesday in Adelaide?


12 30 PM Melbourne time woooooo.


Also, we might be streaming from PAXAUS… Ooooooh!


No, they added a second guild wars, to allow the schedule to begin after the new guild wars, so though I don’t know when the 4.1 patch will drop, the next guild wars ends on Sunday October 28th, it should then return/start again exactly 21 days later on Monday November 19th.

During the stream Salty said the rotation will place Doom and Guild Wars both between raid and invasion events.

Raid 7 days, Doom 7 days, Invasion 7 days, Guild Wars 7 days = cycle then repeats indefinitely. (Though I do admit to not know the proper order in terms of Invasion or raid following Doom/Guild wars weeks).


That is really awesome, I love it will be on Tuesday night in the states, since then I can watch spooky movies Halloween night!!! :hugs:


Just remember to drive/fly safe at all times:



I am super excited about the Halloween Stream.

No, sadly I won’t be a bird.

(edit: Sorry the IdleOne, didn’t mean to reply to you)