Gems of Streaming


Please tell me you will do it in streaming and not with the other site you wanted to use


Hello team! Next week we will be streaming twice!!!

The first stream will be a Developer Q and A. it will run at 7 30 PM PDT on Sunday the 27th of May, which is
12 30 PM AEST on Monday the 28thy. You can read more about it here.

On top of this I will be doing my normal weekly at 6 30 PM PDT Monday, which is 11 30 AM AEST Tuesday. I will be previewing our upcoming mythic.

Can’t wait to see you all there. :hearts:


It will be a CATastrophic day when that mythic comes out.



Best pun. BEST.


Hello team, I will be live in half an hour. This week I will be previewing Ubastet, our new mythic!!! :slight_smile: Lets do some team building together. I will also release up to 4 codes!


That’s nice, but the next mythic preview can’t come sunanough.


I see what you did there😆


Is it just me or does Twitch always seem to be …buffering…? Every time I try to watch one of these streams I get too frustrated after couple minutes and quit out. My connection isn’t the best but it’s not the worst either. I can watch Youtube streams easily no problems.


No prob here but the sound is very low on my iphone, and the damn commercial before the stream is always too loud lol


I find the sound is way too quiet unless I have headphones in. bit of an inconvenience


I really wish I could watch on Youtube. :tired_face:


Twitch is trash, no matter your connection.


I will turn the volume up further in the future if you would like. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve had the same problem recently for the live streams. It doesn’t affect the replay once the stream is over though, so I watch them later.


What’s that?

Streaming tomorrow? With a mini sneak peek of 3.5? With Ozball as my surprise guest?

You read that right! Join us tomorrow at 6 30 PM PDT, which is 11 30 AM AEST on our Twitch channel here:

PS, make sure to follow our channel so you don’t miss when we go live!


I’m pretty sure I’ll keep missing it as long as it keeps going live at 3:30am local time. This has probably been asked before, are there any plans to alternate streaming times, like one in the morning, one in the evening?


Stream happening in 40 minutes!

…wait… 40 minutes?! runs to get coffee made for stream

Come join us at at 6 30 PM PDT, which is 11 30 AM AEST!


The Stream will be starting in a few minutes. View it here -


Thanks for coming everyone! I hope you enjoyed seeing Ozball again. :slight_smile:

Next week we will be doing a 3.5 Preview on Stream, so make sure to tune in.


Summary anyone?