Gems of Streaming


I’m up for that, but bunnies shouldn’t go to war! Bunnies are made for cuddles and cuteness!

I agree with that! :triumph::rabbit:

Yeah, I really want a Bunny/Knight troop. A little bunny, going to show Krystara that Bunni’Nog does not represent the adorable bunnies of the world at all, turning into a knight to prove that even knights can win against Bunni’Nog!

Perfect picture! Let’s name him Sir Sniff-A-Lot and replace CoA with him. He is Sword Edge’s true champion!:triumph::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::blush:


I’m hoping for a revision to treasure hunts and rewards. Maybe we are getting another side game as well?


It’s gonna be good, I can’t wait to see you all!!! It’s been forever since I streamed with my dear @cyrup. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Okay serious guess this time. I think one announcement is the new web mini-game’s release (date). I’m still going with kingdom rework for the second one.


Omg after hearing these 2 amazing news im so excited i won’t be able to sleep for a week



ANNOUNCEMENT #1 was that the game is coming to the Amazon App Store, which means it ought to work (I think) on Amazon’s Fire devices. People asked questions about if that meant Redeem Codes or cross-play would work: that was a firm “we don’t know” as of the stream, the kind of “we don’t know” that means “I don’t want to make a promise and be wrong”.

ANNOUNCEMENT #2 was that there will be a design a pet competition, it will involve all social media, not just the forums, more to come soon. As in like Salty said “in 20 minutes” soon so be on the lookout. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: But it doesn’t matter because I’m designing the Taquito Golem (a baby Burrito Golem) therefore I’ve already won, suckers. :roger_klotz:

Also of note (but has been said on the forums): a fix for chat issues is on the way but requires a client update, so it will be in the next game update, the kind you get from the app store and not the kind that auto-downloads.

REQUEST: Please consider putting the mic somewhere different next time. I had headphones on and I kept hearing a rumbling that I think was your mouse wire rubbing the mic, and every time you typed it was fire in my ears!


I hope Gemsofwar could be released on Nintendo platform this year. :star_struck:


Thank you!

Okay - I expected a little bit more, when i think of “big”. Sorry, but for most of the existing players both are totaly irrelevant…


Disappointed as well.


yes couldnt care less about these so called big announcements lmao


Salty mentioned that she has some news about the Traitstones, but finally she didnt say a word about them ;___; And that was the info I needed to hear! …
That means she could eventually say it in next stream?


Well I was excited about the announcements. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming to a new platform is always very big on our end, and we want to expand to even more in the future!

Also I’ve been wanting to do another community initiative for some time, so being able to plan and run Design a Pet is bringing me great happiness.


Community events are always good so that was a nice announcement. Personally though, as for the Amazon expansion, most of the forum users are more dedicated and have played the game for a while. I would be surprised if there were forum members who could not play and were desperately waiting on the amazon app store. Don’t get me wrong, its great that you guys are expanding more and more resulting in a bigger and bigger game. That however, is to some the double edged sword. The past couple patches have done numerous changes to gameplay and introduced new modes. However, many were designed as gem sinks and ramping stat difficulty to sometimes extreme levels. We had 3.4 with pet events which can be difficult for some regardless of easy to use loop teams. There was also no fix for raids/invasions and a recent bounty event that was, well, perfectly designed to punish us with ridiculous matchups and a useless captain. New stuff isn’t always bad as recent side events like vaults and pets are good. Bounties were ok the first week but got worse rewards and harder goals. I understand the need based on the F2P business model to make more and more new stuff. But we had Guild Wars for months with few drastic changes and now we had two new game modes less than 3 months ago which most can agree on whether or not you like it, it is simply a resource sink.

Growing the playerbase is great, but it seems that the game is trying to rapidly grow to compensate when perhaps slowing down a little and putting a little more time and care into what exists would create a better player experience. I would send all my pets into a meat grinder if it meant guild wars was biweekly, or at least raid and invasion weren’t draining gems instead of granting them. I have fun with guild wars and invasions are fun too despite the same raid model. There just has to be changes made to what’s here, not 2 months from now when another little side event is added that is another cash grab attempt to drain a dwindling resource that is the worst priced value in your own shop.

That brings me to this, WHY IS YOUR SHOP SO FRUSTRATING?!? It is a pricing nightmare that has numerous conflicting valuations used on your own valuations and makes no sense as in how could someone think a mythic is worth the price of a console. You could even make more money with simple changes like making the Path to glory 2 guarantee the exclusive mythic so that when one mythic week comes up, you get it. It would be cheaper than buying with gems if people bought gems to pull for mythics, it entices players to play every day, and oh its not like the mythics come out about every 30 days or so. Now while all the latest game modes are optional, you have to get gems to play more and get the rewards that are unique with the orbs, which is its own can of worms. As stated before how your tasks are split up to reworking older features, bug fixing, etc. Whoever makes new gem si… i mean game modes should look at the shop as while it probably makes money now, it could make more. Despite such a suggestion possibly biting me in the ass, I don’t feel bad about pointing it out as I feel you guys may be looking for more revenue when those without upper 5 to 6 figure gem stashes have fewer gems to speak of.

Either way congrats again on Amazon, every troop from Abhorath to Zuul’Goth. (Yea that’s an amazon pun)


This week I am will be previewing our upcoming legendary troop, Viper!

I’ll also have up to 4 codes to give out on Stream. Just me this week, you’ll have to deal with my wise cracking and coffee drinking ways again. :gem::hearts:


The buffed vault news made me really happy!!! More then the 2 announcements you did last week :stuck_out_tongue:


Join me today at 6 30 PM PDT (that’s 11 30 AM AEST for you fellow Aussies) to watch me preview our upcoming legendary troop, Viper! I will be doing some team building and giving out codes, so please come join me for a chill stream. :slight_smile:


Viper is cool? Kraken seem better


Thanks for joining me everyone, today was a crazy fun stream. :slight_smile:



Someone asked me what the gang sign for the Spakle Ponies is, so here is your answer.


What, a Dev Q and A next week?

I’ll announce more tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: