Gems of Streaming

  1. Vault reward finally buffed


Guild tasks have been buffed extra gold and glory keys but gems have been nerfed
Invasion and raid rewards have been buffed but free sigils are now only 2 a day and the cost of all tiers in the shop have tripled

If it is good news I am expecting something bad to come with it


One will surely be the “AI vs AI” that Salty talked about.


I’m enjoying all the speculation!


Guild Wars every two weeks! :star_struck:

Please nothing too big, at the moment there are too many bugs left to kill…
Broken PSN Profiles and Invite-Codes are my favorites :wink:


New underworld map under glacier in dead dwarf kingdom. And bounty events will be play tested in the future.


Tributes have been reworked so you no longer get gems but you get a higher “gem equivalent” that isn’t anything that you’d actually spend gems on. Just kidding!

I hope it’s the Pan’s Vale kingdom rework and the update to tasks.


At least one of them is a gem sink, wanna bet?


Maybe they redecorated the bathroom?


treasure gnomes will no longer give 100 souls as a prize…

It now gives 115 souls




Im guessing one of them is a New Pet preview


@Saltypatra See what @Sirrian is doing, he should address that ridiculous bounty fiasco on the feed. Your explanation is inadequate, insulting, and I believe dishonest.


Not more 19 seals in daily bonus for Gold league, now 20 :wink:

Guild chat improve and another 36 pets :joy:


omg… how to clean that when the “sink” gets dirty D: the nightmare of the housewifes (and househusbandos?)


Guild Wars every other week would be awesome!

  1. All troops get turned into cute baby bunnies so that the game will finally turn from Gems of War into Baby Bunny Cuteness Contest.
  2. Snow Bunny event from now on every Wednesday.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. Salty and Cyrup are getting married.
  4. We can finally buy more than one glory shop bundle at once in the shop?
  5. Lapina Kingdom announced.
  6. Bunny surprise!


@Sheba, you should be hired in Infinity Plus 2 and make them to develop new game, all for and with and of bunnies xP

Bunnies of War!

But now I started to think… how many bunny related troops we have in a game? I only recall Jackalope and Tezca. There should be more! Ah… And Bunni’Nog.
More Wildfolk bunnies!


there should be no more bunnies. Bunni’Nog ate them all.

Unless you want a Bunny/Knight mythic, then sure. go for it. One to conquer the Bunni’Nog.


Bunny Knight Mythic xD