Gems of Streaming


No*, but they are planning to bring a bunch of little people into the world: the dwarves of Dhrak-Zum!



Isin’t suppose to be out this friday?


That was quite funny. Thank you. I have to take the test to confirm, though :grimacing:


How did you know we were both preggerenantn?

We have a big announcement to make on stream next week! I’m so excited!


NO bugs at the weekly reset?


Hahahha lmao




Not no bugs, only good bugs.


Gems of War 2: Electric Boogaloo


I can’t wait for tomorrows’ stream! Me and @Cyrup will both be hosting, and we have two HUGE announcements for you.

Please join us at 6 30 PM PDT on our Twitch channel.

PS, we have a total of three codes to release. And two are big ones!


Im still waiting for you guys to find something similar for console player…


It’s not up to us Ricky, you know this. We would love to be able to release codes on console.


Tbh, im more skeptical about the huge announcements. I mean no offense but even the new rewards to players like pets and vaults are nice, but do little to ease the pain of gradual reward nerfs to gems and keys either directly or indirectly. Soulforge was a sidegrade to an extent, but still helpful. Then it got hit with the random color pools and newer recipes like orbs had horrendous conversion rates. Even if changes had to be made that were negative to the players potential to hunt a mythic or craft useful materials and such, I’d rather be told, then have a fast one pulled. Sometimes the fallout is way worse like my guild was furious at the tds change way back when, but I thought it was more unique and better for the game as it was irritating in pvp. It could of been a “let’s discuss what we are doing and how we reached this conclusion” to a, “we nerfed tds, byyyeeee”.

While I’m optimistic, if it’s bad news I’d rather have the bandaid ripped off or better yet a reasonable discussion about the given change. While we all have our moments, many of us are adults or at least mature kids and teens who can keep an open mind as long as it feels like a back and forth debate.

Of course i may be overthinking this and it’s just a couple of awesome mugs, what do I know.


She said 2 huge announcements, so she probably ruined 1 in the last stream :slight_smile:


Rewards after battles for the new events are going to be improved (trophies, glory)?
Or, the “change your class” fee is going to be removed?
Or, new Mythic weapons/troops in soulforge?


@KYLENATOR001 it’s nothing that is a major change to the game, or the way it is played. I can promise you that! I’m honestly super excited about the announcements.



Please can we have any major announcements made also as Official News threads here. Many of us won’t be available to watch the stream, thanks to time difference, work or just life… and we (at least, I) would much rather be able to read the HUGE news straightaway than have to guess what it was from the arguments and trolling that rattle around in threads afterwards…



Of course @Jainus! My posts are all written up and ready to go. Who do you think I am??? (Well, aside from salty…)

They will go up at the conclusion of the stream. :slight_smile:


Maybe you could push enter now by accident? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool. Thanks. Back to wild mindless speculation on what the news is…

  1. a new Mythic hero weapon (and we all know what that’ll be)
  2. ability to save different hero class into different team slots (and lose the 50 gem class change cost)
  3. another forthcoming Design-a-troop project
  4. photo results of @sirrian’s hair replacement hormone therapy and he now looks like Pamela Anderson?