Gems of Streaming


I miss bone dragon…


If the patch was out, they could twitch new office tour while we play with our own pets.


I bet the only reason you’re not answering 3.4 release date questions is because the bright shiny “release patch” button isn’t flashing yet.


Live in 45!!! Woo! I know it’s the update day, but we are still streaming. Please jump on to let me know what you think of 3.4!


You sure pet gnome are active?


Waiting for pets be like

#1720413 - angry, artist:applec1234, blushing, chest fluff, cute, dialogue, i


Is now


Delete my last post


Thank you for joining me!


Very bad timing for streaming when pet hunt is open lol

I will watch it later


Hi @Saltypatra are you previewing new kingdom during tomorow stream? That would be awesome :slight_smile:


I am indeed!!! I will be previewing Dhrak-Zum. I can’t wait!!!


Cool i won’t miss this!



(10 penglongs)


Can you please make a stream where you are building teams based around troops and weapons with spells like ‘create a mix of two gems’ ? :grinning:


I suspect Admiral Ackbar would have something to say about this request.


Dhrak-Zum preview today! 6 30 PM PDT or 11 30 AM AEST. Can’t wait to see you all there! I will have a bunch of codes!


Thanks for joining me everyone. Next week me and @Cyrup have an exciting announcement!

Primal and Vault kingdoms when?

You are pregnant?


pegananant* or pregert