Gems of Streaming


You’re welcome! Now I will name my Moon Moon Soon Soon too XD I know it won’t be original but… I don’t care!

Btw. I love the Moon Moon reference so much! :smiley: To anyone who didn’t know:



@Saltypatra out of context:



@Saltypatra and oh my godness, I love that pet, I mean, mascot you were having in your stream! I am jelly! Could you make a photo of it to have a closer look? :3 And any clue where I could buy it?


I am still amazed at having that bunny named after me. While I didn’t have time to watch the whole stream yet, I at least checked out the naming-time. I had no idea it was a chat poll. Whoever it had been who wrote in chat that naming the bunny after me would warm my heart - it really does!:blush: I know I don’t post here much anymore and barely play anymore and that people still think of me despite that makes me really happy.:hugs: I was told I was mentioned in the stream some more, even - I will really have to check the whole thing out, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks, guys!:relaxed:

(Also I am just as amazed at getting 14 likes on a post consisting basically just of surprised-looking bunnies.:rabbit::blush:)


I don’t believe it, when they nerfed the gnome, they didin’t need an update? So im pretty sure they can revert it without update for the gnome event

Btw it look like the update gonna be next week, it’s all good, that way i can concentrate on explore for gnome then next week pvp for pets :slight_smile:


Ohhh Ricky.

You are right. They were able to change the gnomes without a client update. But they aren’t changing the gnomes are they? They’re changing just the vault. So they will need to add additional code that prevents gnomes from giving crap rewards in the vault. The usual crap will be outside of the vault I suspect.

And why pessimistic about not getting the update in 6-8 hours?


Well like i said in other thread i would be surprise if it happen, it’s already friday in Australia and i guess they won’t release it so close from the weekend to keep an eyes on the bugs and be ready if something wrong happen

Not sure about that, i think they are related, when they nerfed the gnome it also nerfed the vault but maybe they found a way to seperate then im not sure


If they find a way to separate it… Then it would be a client update like 3.4.


They’ve been doing it all this week. Some people have been working days. The other nights. So as soon all the clients approve. They can start pushing the update. Or if anything needs to be changed they can do it ASAP.
It’s 8 am in Australia in about 4-5 hours. If it’s not pushed within the next 8.5 hours then you’re 100% right. Won’t happen until next week. Until then… The devs won’t even know when it’s happening.


Well only time will tell us, whatever happen i will be ready :slight_smile:


Heads up, in the next stream I will be previewing the new mythic! Woo woo!


Are you going to previewing the new update? :slight_smile:


Maybe. :stuck_out_tongue: (10 penglongs)


Streaming tomorrow! Wooooooo! I will be previewing our next mythic, the Wild Queen.

We are also 6 followers off 500, and when we hit our goal I will release an extra special code. There will also be another three with the potential to be released tomorrow. That’s a total of 4 codes!!!

Same bat time, same bat channel. at 6 30 PM PDT Monday, or 11 30 AM AEST Tuesday.


Will there be pets? :3


Of course!


And when the pet hunting season start everywhere?


I’ve been playing around to make a good Wild Queen team for streaming tomorrow and I have made something fun. Can’t wait to play with her some more!


I imagine with doomskulls she will be more interesting


I’m having so much fun, won’t lie.