Gems of Streaming


I know I’ll be getting a giant vibrating :soon::tm: for this, but… 3.4 when?


Salty would say soon tm
Tm for me mean tomorow :slight_smile:


Big hero image was there on PC until the UI update came and ruined everything that was pretty, including the big picture. No sure about mobile since I don’t own a smartphone, but I would assume it to be the same.
Also man, your screenshot brings back wonderful memories which are also painful because of how different things are today… I sometimes almost forget that this game once had text I could easily read, bonuses I could see without having to click around, a visible kingdom level bar on the worldmap, easily visible stars and… I basically just could see things. It was a grand time, lol.


This week.
“Soon tm” is an anagram for “most son”
Which doesn’t make a lot of sense… And neither does why they are so cloak and dagger about release dates.

If they say it’s going to be released and then gets delayed. Yes people will complain. But those same people would probably complain about something else.

GW was supposed to start at reset… But was delayed a couple hours… Yet here we are… Still a live and (mostly) well.


I understand they don’t want to give the exact release date because the submission can be rejected but before they were telling us when they send it to submission and nobody was complaining when it was rejected cause we know it’s not the devs fault


If you wanna know the release date you have to purchase tier VII at least 14 times


I heard you had to be vip 21.


Almost there baby :soon::tm:


Yeah i heard they will raise vip level in 3.4
Te max will be lv 50 and you need to spend 100k Just for last level.

Might look expensive but it’s a real bargain since you get 1 vault key every day




Live in an hour!!! 8D


@Saltypatra is live now on stream all about Pets!


Great idea putting the live stream in the thread! Thank you :smile:


Thanks for helping me name my pets!!!


@Saltypatra sorry to ask here but you didin’t see my question in te stream it was running too quick lol
do you know if we will get te buffed vault rewards in this weekend gnome event?


I’m going to assume she doesn’t give you a direct answer. And try to help you despite her. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I believe a dev confirmed that the vault won’t change until 3.4 is released. So it’ll depend on if the update is released this week or not.


It better be.


Can’t blame IP2 if it’s not…100% blame on the clients for not approving it quick enough. Or wanting changes that will cause it to be resubmitted to all. It’ll be hard to figure out which “iOS” to blame for the delay. :zipper_mouth_face:


Here’s a detailed summary of the pets/3.4 stream: Pet and 3.4 Stream Summary (From Salty’s Twitch Stream)