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Pet and 3.4 Stream Summary (From Salty's Twitch Stream)

NOTE: Salty stated that anything shown in this preview could be changed or adjusted.
GoW Twitch Stream

Pet Questions:

Can pets be renamed?

Pet Upgrade Screenshot


How do you get pets?
There are a few ways.

Pet gnomes pop up randomly only in PVP battles. When you defeat one, it triggers a pet event for your entire guild that lasts for 1 hour.

Once a week, there will be a rescue pet day. Everybody will be able to access it. There will be no pet gnomes during that 24 hours.

1-Hour Timer Issue:
To help with this timezone issue, the devs are looking into adding ways to search for a guild in your timezone. They are still in discussions about updates to the guild system.

Does everyone in the guild win the pet when rescued even if they didn’t participate?

Can multiple pet rescue events be active at the same time in one guild?

What happens if two guild mates are fighting a pet gnome at the same time?
The first victory to hit the server first triggers the event.

How many pets will be released on the 3.4 release date?
36 will be released initially. After that, 1 new pet will be released once a month.

What do pets do?
They can give different bonuses, or they can be purely cosmetic.
For example: A maxed level 20 Spiderling gives 3x team bonus to Zhul’Kari.

Bonus Screenshot


What does food do?
It levels up your pet.

How does pet food work?
When you go into the pet upgrade screen, look for the pet food with a star icon on it. This is the preferred food for that pet. You can give a pet any color food. But, it is better to give it the preferred food because you get a little bonus.

Pet Feeding Screenshot


How do you get food?
You can get food through the pet events. You’ll also be able to get food in the soulforge.

What do you do with extra copies of the same pet?
You can use them to raise the level cap of your pet.

Level Cap Screenshot


How do bonuses work?
They stack and are applied as long as they are in your inventory. You can have only one equipped visually at a time.

Equipped Pet Screenshot


Pet Rescue Event:
It does not use sigils. There are no team build restrictions.
There are 8 battles. Each battle gives a rescue reward. Rescue rewards have a chance to give pets and food. Finish all 8 battles for a guaranteed pet.

Pet Rescue Screenshot


Pet Rescue Fight Screenshot


Pet Rescue Event Rewards Screenshot


Can we see the pet rescue shop?
Salty stated she couldn’t show it today.

Do the pets only work if you are using the hero?

Are there mythic pets or something similar?
Not at this time

Can our pets have pets?

There is a pet mastery. You are given a chaos orb at certain levels of pet mastery.
Every 5 levels of pet mastery, you gain a small gem reward.
You can turn extra copies of a pet into food of its color.

Pet Mastery Screenshot


Non-Pet Questions:

When is 3.4 coming out?
The 3.4 builds have been submitted. It includes many bug fixes. There is no ETA on the official release date. But, it should be out this month.

Will Daily Tasks come to PC/Mobile in 3.4?
Salty stated she wasn’t sure, but they are coming soon.

What is the calendar?:
It shows a daily login calendar of rewards. If you miss a day or complete the calendar, it resets to day 1.

Calendar Screenshot


Will Zuul’Goth be removed from players’ inventories before this week’s guild wars starts?
Hopefully. The team is aware.

Are new achievements coming with the 3.4 update?
Salty isn’t sure what will be added to achievements in this update.

What will you show in the next stream?
She will do a stream preview of the next mythic, Wild Queen.

Pet Addendum

Note: This information comes from the recently released and official 3.4 Preview - Pets video. I will only include information that was not mentioned in the previous stream.
Update: April 27, 2018

Pet Types:

There are 3 types of pets: buff, loot and cosmetic.

  • Buff: Doubles (or triples) team bonuses.
    (Team bonuses can be given for all troops of matching kingdom, all troops of X type, etc.)

  • Loot: Gives extra XP, gold or souls.

  • Cosmetic: Gives no bonus
    (However, refer to the pet mastery section to see why leveling all pets has a benefit.)

Pet Mastery:

Leveling a pet adds 1 point to your pet mastery.

  • Every 5 levels gives some gems.
  • Every 25 levels gives a chaos orb.
  • Every 100 levels gives a greater chaos orb.

Pet Rescue:

New pets will be introduced through the weekly scheduled pet rescue event usually.

Pet Shop Tiers:

Tier Gems Contents
1 25 1 basket, 1,000 gold
2 50 2 baskets, 2,000 gold
3 100 3 baskets, 3,000 gold, 4x featured pet’s food, 1 featured pet
4 200 4 baskets, 4,000 gold, 5x featured pet’s food, 2 featured pet
5 300 5 baskets, 5,000 gold, 6x featured pet’s food, 3 featured pet
6 400 6 baskets, 6,000 gold, 8x featured pet’s food, 4 featured pet
7 100 2 baskets, 1,500 gold, 2x featured pet’s food, 1 featured pet

Tier 7 is repeatable.

Pet Misc:

  • They have been working on pets for the last 12 months.
  • They will give away 1 pet as a login reward on 3.4 release day.
  • In the stream, it was stated that pet gnomes only appear in PVP. However, the video shows a pet gnome appearing in Arena as well.

Pet Art:

Click to reveal pet art.



This was an amazing summary.


Thank you. :smiley: I hope some people find it helpful.


The 30 day calendar was consecutive log ins? I understood it as separate day rewards regardless of whether or not you logged in the day before. The 7 day thing was consecutive log ins.

That’s pure BS. It’s already difficult to get new recruits now we have to gather by timezone. Really?


And life style. They need to sleep, work, and play at the same time as 29 others. Otherwise they could be doing PvP… Get a gnome rescue mission and have the rest of the guild miss it. That should go over well when they try to brag about a rare pet they caught to the rest of the guild.


And platform: I assume that it’s more difficult for console players to connect to the game during working time…


At least console players can see if the other members are online.

Thank you so much for putting time and effort creating this detailed summary!:blush:


This idea that everyone gets one hour globally for the pet rescue sounds extremely dumb. The devs recognized the issue, that not all guilds are composed of players in the same time zone with the same schedule. It is amazing, confounding, and disappointing that their response to this is “we’ll try to make it easier for players to find guilds in their time zone”, not “we’ll start the clock for each player from the first time they log in after satisfying the condition”. I guess people who work nights better know to search for guilds in the other hemisphere!

In fact, the situation as outlined above makes me leery that this is the full truth. The cynic in me expects the devs to announce that they have “changed the code base” to allow individual starts, and bask in the goodwill from the player base for “correcting” a situation that never should have been allowed to happen in the first place.

Edit: of course, if the timer waits for people to log in, then that affects how quickly people can acquire pets. The appearance of pet gnomes is probably balanced around players flat out missing some fraction of gnomes because they were triggered while the player was at school/at work/asleep/driving/on a plane/etc. If the events can wait for a player, then it could be the case that there is always a pet event waiting for players in extremely active guilds. But surely, surely it is possible to balance the appearance rate of gnomes around this.


very positive assumptions revolving around the idea fixed. I commend you.

Thanks for the summary @Ashasekayi

The 1 hour time limit thing is going to be a pain in the arse. For someone that works close to 60hrs a week I’m rarely going to be around for these limited timed events.

The new way to search for a guild based on time zones is a slap in the face as well. It’s almost as if I’m to be expected to leave my guild for being British and find a new one.

I was looking forward to this update but it looks as though now it won’t effect me in the slightest, other than seeing my guild mates getting cool new things. But, I’ll be happy for them :blush:


Really a great piece ofa summary!!! :wink:


I guess they just went the easiest path to implement it. Pet events can’t overlap, so whenever a pet event starts, new ones are disabled for all guild members for the whole duration. If you allow pet events to queue up you’d have to find an alternate way to handle lockdowns. I’d rather not see the second easiest path to implement it, keeping the lockdown until all guild members have finished their one queued up pet hunt.


This a very easily solved problem, though! If a player has an event queued, additional pet gnomes do not result in a new event. It’s a single Boolean variable per player. Maybe not even that, depending on how the data is structured.

It changes tracking from guild based to player based, and it changes the event timing from fixed to dynamic. I’d actually expect that to be quite a lot of work.

FOMP is the new fomo
(Fear of missing pets)

Why actually Pet Event can’t last one day instead of one hour? During whole 1 day everyone has a chance to participate!


Because then you could only have at most one pet event each day instead of up to 24.


If there’s no restriction on how many pet rescues can be triggered a day (obviously it can’t be more than 24 times), the one hour window can be more beneficial than 24. With a highly active guild you can get multiple events a day, so even if someone misses one due to work/sleep/whatever, they may get to participate in a few more depending on how long they play when they do log on. Of course every member won’t be online for every single one, but at the end of the day i think it will balance out and everyone will get ample opportunity. People just have to accept that they won’t be able to get in on every single one unless they hire a small team to run their account 24/7. But then others would miss out and the cycle would continue. Those who do play all the time will get more chances, but if they want to invest their time then they deserve it. And the longer they play the more opportunities for it to trigger so the rest of their guild gets more chances to play, and it’ll all even out.