Gems of Streaming


If we feed them coal do we eventually get diamonds?


Put me on your retirement list :joy:
I could use your gems.


Devs are quiet tonight. :grin::wink:


@Saltypatra can you tell us if 3.4 has effectively been sent for client approval?


I was hoping they would eat bugs, so there might be less of them around. Since the Pet Mastery progress bar is indicating 20% at 0/25 it’s likely something different though.


They keep quiet until after patch is approved.


There’s not a lot of bugs though. Desert Mantis, Frostling, uh… Sand Scuttler?

CLEARLY the pets should eat “things with visible bones”, there’s a lot of those in the game.


Hey team! Tomorrow is streaming day once again! Woohooo!

And this time I will be previewing pets! Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 6 30 PM PDT, or 11 30 AM AEST. I can’t wait to see you there! I will also have multiple codes depending on the amount of viewers and followers we reach! (With a maximum of 4!!!)


You can meet my new friend, Tickles.


Even before the picture loaded, I knew that was going to be a spider. Why anyone would allow a spider the size of their head to be that close to their head is beyond me.


Excuse you, she’s adorable. Her little feetsies are red with the blood of my enemies.


All… 12 of them? :thinking:


The four at the front are actually mandible type things? She needs four for all the enemies she eats.


Pets on the shoulder look like a poor photoshop…
I hope it will not be liked that in game…


Wait, will we be able to NAME our pets?:heart_eyes: That would be the best thing ever!

While I agree that it looks less than optimal, with the spider’s back legs seemingly in the air, I will be happy as long as this gets the hero as a big image back onto the worldmap instead of the tiny picture we have right now in the top left corner.


+++++++++++1 to this


(did the math) Oh why oh why the stream is 3:30 AM of my time :sob: If only it could be hour (or better 2 hours) earlier… sobs

Btw generally speaking. You have more American players or from Eurasia?


I think the big Hero image was removed from the Unity build around the time they migrated the PC/Mobile over. However, I don’t think PC/Mobile ever had the Hero in the bottom left though… Anyhow, here an old console screen cap (just for nostalgia).


yes pc certainly did…heres a pic of me from may 2015 even edited my hero graphics to kratos xD



Haahahah level 540 you are a n00b :smiley: