Gems of Streaming


Yeah go wash that dress, you spilled coffee on it


… Yeah… That’s what that was…


We all know that Sirrian will “steal” the pet preview from Salty. Sirrian is always the one who preview the big update.

For sure, there is the Pet Gnome who will certainly drop pets. Hope we get the patch before next Vault event :stuck_out_tongue: .

Pretty sure it will be the opposite.


Well im not going to pay gold or gems for cosmetic


i got a feeling they will drop food for the pet


@awryan I think you’re giving me credit for the team build I stole from Tacet


If so he would have been named the Pet Food Gnome :stuck_out_tongue: .

EDIT: for sure, they will drop Pet or at least give you the opportunity to get a Pet.


Gold for cosmetics? easy for end gamers - most will have millions sat in the bank with nothing to do with them… sounds unlikely devs would do that.

Gems for cosmetics? sounds far more likely…


Cant wait for Pets to arrive! :slight_smile: I wonder if the hero will be showen in the lower left in the world map again, with his/her pet at the side, would be really cool. :ok_hand:






My bet is the pets eat Zuul’goths. It takes 5 to get your pet to level 2.


My bet is they eat gems, and you get a few of them back.




I wonder how much this orb of chaos will cost :slight_smile:


Well, I mean, they can’t really digest the gems. So theoretically they’d poop them back out???


So that mean it doesn’t cost gems :slight_smile:


Um, no. I was just talking about pooping.



Well if they eat it but poop it, technically it cost no gems :stuck_out_tongue:


Can there be a Gem Donation Program for when players quit the game? Any unused gems can be given to other players? Or perhaps those less gem fortunate… Be given gems during dire times. Like opening 100 vip chests… And not getting a single Mythic troop… automatically gem charity will be given to you.