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Banter. Jokes. Shenanigans. A lot of interpretive dance?


Hey team, next week’s stream will be a 3.5 Preview!!!

Can’t wait to see you all there. As always it will be at 6 30 PM PDT on Monday night, which is 11 30 AM AEST Tuesday morning.


waits for Ricky to ask what’s being previewed


Is this only on twitch…I don’t even know wat twitch is…will it be uploaded to YouTube?


Wheeeee going live in an hour. Join me for codes and the 3.5 Preview!!!


If we get to 800 followers I will release a special code.



Almost time for the stream!


Gems Of Screaming



Live now!


3.5 Stream Notes

– Daily Tasks are in! (Can reward gems, one task can be re-rolled daily)
– Ingots are used for weapon crafting
– Gem chests can reward ingots. These do NOT reduce chances to pull Legendary/Mythic troops.

– Hero Class Talent Trees are in! Spec your hero(ine) with new talents.
Talents are unlocked with Champion Levels
Champions Level max is 100 per class
The Hero(ine) must be in the team to earn Champion experience.

– Class Events will assist in awarding Champion experience
Fight five opponents to clear each round and gain large amounts of Champion experience
Event runs on sigils
There is a shop, which operates similar to Raid/Invasion mode. Class weapon purchasable at Tier 6 (in lieu of 250 battle requirement).
Player troops are restricted to the kingdom of the featured class in the event.
Class events will be 3 days in length on a weekend, or 1 day when in the middle of week.

– Weapon Upgrading
Uses Ingots to upgrade
Ingots must match the rarity of the weapon being upgraded
Number of upgrade tiers are based on the rarity of weapon (Common = 5, Mythic = 10)
Stat bonuses are Tiers 1 - 5, special effects 6 - 10. All bonuses/effects stack.
Ingots can be upgraded in the Soulforge.
Ingots can drop as PvP rewards, and are awarded for reaching PvP tiers and ranking awards.

Next Week’s Preview: The Kingdom Power system revamp!


Hope this stream helped! Thanks to everyone who came by. :slight_smile:


Another move in the pay to win direction, all while charging money to play. What a shame.


Class Events are just to boost Champion leveling, that’s all. So can be ignored.

I thought that this feature was to balanced weapons and make crappy ones useful…


thank you for the stream … now i need to try to get more giants on this beta so i can mess with the event more


To a point. She showed what… 4 or 5 weapons out of over 200?

There’s no way a common Crude Club is going to be made equivalent to the Black Manacles/Mang/Dawnbringer.

Plus, lower tier weapons can be potentially useful for… :zipper_mouth_face: (Sorry, Salty didn’t talk about this on the stream tonight.)


Common weapons can only have stat bonus, no?
It should be the opposite: Common = 10 tiers and Mythic only 5.


So if class events are a way to shortcut leveling classes, that means not that many people are going to participate in the event or for those leaderboards for orbs, which means some people are eventually going to participate solely because most won’t do it at all.

Interesting design choice…

Just based on reading the synopsis above. Maybe I have the wrong idea about things?


Commons have 5 tiers max, so yeah, only stats. +1 max rarity rank for each tier over common. The logic being that higher rarity weapons have increasing numbers of special effects.

Of course, no one is going to be that excited over a couple extra stat points on a high-end weapon. To that extent, it’s more of a ingot sink to get to the useful effects at tier 6+.


Thank god from a console player! But will I get re-rolled from kill with 3 ghulvania to kill with 3 mist of scales? Or are we getting interesting tasks?