Gems of Streaming


Some clarifications about your nicely done summary (thanks :wink: ).

Salty said “New class events will be in 3 days”.

and to a troop type…

Yes, the gap between good and bad weapons will be higher. DB will be even more OP than usual, that’s fine for me.

Not agree. +1 Magic on DB is fine. Does DB need to destroy gems to be used? I don’t think so.
The real ingot sink is leveling up useless weapons as I don’t see for the moment how players will be motivated to do that…


Oh no…

Kingdom stars.


There are more interesting tasks. I’m unsure if the tasks that she had on screen were suited to her character’s low level or not. That said, there isn’t anything that isn’t exactly difficult for a veteran player to achieve. Daily tasks are bonuses that are generally meant to not take too long to clear and not meant to be a primary source of grinding for resources.

She definitely said 3 days for a weekend, 1 day in the middle of the week. I don’t think she discussed the difference between the two types of events, so I can’t give you details about the why there would be a timing difference in duration of these events.


As I said before, it wasn’t discussed on stream so I can’t talk about that freely. Sorry. :confused:


I agree.
My point is that she said that “new class Event” will be hold on the 3-days Event (at 54 minutes). So we will get new class on a regular schedule (surely like Pet, one by month).


so for us players with maxed classes hope we dont have to do a new grind to level each class up


So the excuse given for why console players don’t get codes has always been “But you get daily tasks” What will the excuse be now?



nothing about fix chat issues? :worried:

  • – Gem chests can reward ingots. These do NOT reduce chances to pull Legendary/Mythic troops.*

But if some new items are on the pull I get less troop cards so less chance to get mythic or legendary troops I guess.

and about the extraturn issue? :thinking:


The chat is supposed to get fixed in 3.5


Let’s imagine that you have 50% to get A and 50% to get B. Then you add a new reward C and so that: 25% to get A, 50% to get B and 25% to get C.

As you can see you can keep the probability of one kind of ressource even when adding a new kind of ressource.


sure but not the same ratio I guess.
If I get in 5 chests > 3 gems , 1 legendary, 100 glory, 1 arcane stone and 1 epic troop
now I can get also (imagine) > 3 gems , 1 ingot, 100 glory , 1 arcane stone and 1 epic troop

so the chance is diferent if I can get a new item now.


Yeah you can… but you know we are tlaking about probability on the long term, not on only one trial.

In average, you will get the same number of Legendary/Mythic but less of the remaining (troops, ressources, traitstones) because of ingots will be added. According to what devs said, I don’t know if it’s true or not :wink: .


That’s not the excuse at all Fleg. We can’t offer codes on console, as I have exained many times before, due to legal issues with first party. We want to allow codes on console, but it is out of our control. :slight_smile:


I would really appreciate that. It is hard for me to hear even with the volume maxed out.


I tried to get salty to snitch on twitch about soulforge, but it was disabled in that build :thinking:


I tried so hard not to spoil anything and I was tempted astray by the cute stars!!!


So I have a few questions about what was shown in the stream after watching it after it ended, and just wanna make sure I am aware how it works.

Hero Classes can get to level 20 through souls still. After that to hit to level 100, you have to get Champion XP. This is awarded for each fight that that class is active and the hero is in the fight for.

You get a bunch of different skill trees, that you can change at will, but only 1 per tier, that unlock as your Hero Class is leveled up more. This replace the current Class Bonuses.

Class Events will be held both during the week and on weekend, during the week will be sped up more, as in worth more of more sigils or less sigil cost, something really, to balance it out so that it is worth the same as those during the weekend. Will these be scheduled, or will we be able to trigger them?

PvP fights will have a chance to drop Ingots. Will this be via another new gnome? Or just a random chance? With the Ingots being added to PvP tier rewards, will we see a rework entirely of PvP tier rewards? Or just them added in as an added item.

Each Weapon will have different ranks, 5 for common up to 10 for Mythic. Ingots will drop from chests as well, will they also match the same tiers as current with Runestones? So Common and Rare for Gold. Rare to mythic from Glory, and Ultra Rare to Mythic for Gem and Event?

I think thats everything atm that I can think of. Ill ask more later if I think of any of it. If it hasnt been released/announced yet, I understand. Just making sure I actually understand the new system, before trying to explain it to Guildies


As far as I have heard, Class Events are scheduled events.

A random rarity ignot is awarded after each successful PvP win. Higher rarity ignots have been added to both PvP tier rewards and ranking rewards.

Ingots drop from certain types of chests (but not all). On the stream, Salty pulled ingots from Gem key chests.

Yes, each rarity of ingot is intended to be similar in rarity to the matching rarity of an equivalent traitstone (in other words, a rare ingot is roughly equivalent to a major traitstone).


Just making sure, this counts Casual PvP too right?


Yep, they drop in casual and ranked PVP.


Thank you for the resume! :blush: