Gems of Streaming


Stream in 1h30 @Saltypatra ?


Soon TM :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol that was quick :slight_smile:


I will be live in an hour. I’m doing the second part of our 3.5 Update Preview! This time featuring kingdom power. :slight_smile:


kingdom power again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

after the oops lol


Cool. Don’t forget to collect tribute please :wink:
Unless something bad happens if you do :laughing:


After some Windows Update Shenanigans, the Stream will be live :soon:


Steam cliffnotes:

Daily Tasks

– 4 tasks, 1 daily, 3 persisting until completed
– Daily (top) task re-rolls daily automatically on start of new server day.
– One task per day can be manually re-rolled.

Kingdom Power

– Set of 3 objectives are needed to achieve each kingdom power level
– Requirements for each objective are strictly construed. No more guesswork for calculating kingdom power.
– An in-game animation announces when a star has been earned.
Kingdom stars earned before the update occurs will be grandfathered into the new system.
–Older weapons will be re-introduced at a later date via an unannounced method to assist with completing weapon enchantment requirements.
Wins for hero weapons carry over to the new system, but do not count towards Champion XP.



As beta is apparently ending surprisingly, I’ll just say this out loud as it was asked a lot on the stream.


In fact, if Salty had remembered how to check kingdom power stars, she would have revealed that multipliers in the “Coming Soon” area now scale beyond 3x for Tribute Chance and Tribute Reward (these are beyond 10-stars of power).

Earning those stars to unlock these increased multipliers, is another matter altogether though.


I just want a buff to gems or gem equivalents in most of these game modes. Those with the stockpiles upwards of 5 digits are barely affected but there has to be more gem rewards or at least gem keys as there are enough gem sinks, and we need a stopper to that. Im optimistic over the update, but please don’t take 3 months to buff bounty/raid/invasion rewards while adding 7 more gem sinkholes.


I’m not doubting you but all the same, are you sure?

because it wouldn’t take much coding to lower tribute chances from the back end…


In my beta experiences, I did not experience any consistent nerfs to tribute chances and rewards. Felt the same as on the Live server.

My personal viewpoint here, but I believe that devs are actively choosing to add more gems sinks into the game instead of nerfing existing loot drops again to balance the game economy (especially with the expectation of future multipliers beyond 3x).


Tributes are not being nerfed. :slight_smile:


Unless of course if the reqs for hitting 7 and 9 stars becomes much harder than they currently are…


they should put all the old weapons in the Soulforge


See the spoiler preview thread Ricky posted.


We will be having a more chilled stream this week, with me doing some team building with our newest legendary, Divinia! Please come along to snag some codes, ask me questions and watch me generally get up to mischief.

Same time and place as usual, Monday night 6 30 PM PDT, which is Tuesday 11 30 AM AEST.


legendary not mythic!


Mine is already mythic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


WHat??? I spent like 500 keys and did not get it… HAX!!! :stuck_out_tongue: