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Developer Q & A

That’s right! It’s back!!! First off, the nitty gritty.

7 30 PM PDT Sunday 27th of May
12 30 PM AEST Monday 28thy of May


Our illustrious developers @Nimhain and @Sirrian will be doing a deep dive into the pets system! They will be discussing the development process from inception to completion. They will highlight the changes made to the new features before release, and discuss how new features are implemented in game.

As such, they will also be answering questions about the new pets feature as well as the 3.4 Update. Unlike previous Q & A’s we won’t be voting on the top ten questions. This decision was made because in the past the same questions were asked several times, to which the same answers were given. We are changing up the format of Developer Q and A’s to cover as much content as possible and let our leaders shed light on what it’s like to work in game development.

However, please feel free to leave some questions regarding Pets and the 3.4 Update below. I will be picking the most relevant to ask on stream. Also, whilst streaming, follow up questions posed by the community will be answered by Sirrian and Nimhain. At the end of the stream we will open the floor to more general questions for the last 10-15 minutes. Please be aware that when asking questions to keep them kind and constructive. If the questions are repetitive, combative or rude in nature I will not pass them on.

For this stream, Sirrian and Nimhain will be playing Gems of War while they chat! They have some of the most interesting team builds I’ve ever seen, so feel free to chat with them about their choices. I will be facilitating the stream and acting as the chat moderator. :hearts:

Now, without further ado, pop some questions below. I can’t wait to see you all in our Developer Q & A next week!


The only question i have is where is my magmapillar :frowning:


With the introduction of pets in 3.4, and the new currency needed, Pet Food, which then uses existing currency, from the SoulForge, will there be new ways added in future updates to acquire the food we need??

Such as in Treasure Hunt?


Are there any Quality of Life updates that are planned that can be shared, for pets.

Such as Moving the game to a system that allows real time updates, so we are able to get notified of a pet instantly, or a clock in the fight to see how long we have left.


Any chance of them talking about 3.5 and any of it’s new features?

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I think we might be able to get them to speak briefly on 3.5 :wink:


What are the plans for releasing new pets? Will it be strictly 1 per month or will there be other releases? Will new releases always appear in the 24 hour event first, or will some just go into the pool for 1 hour events?


Where is the rest of guild wars troops and when existing one will be added to guild chest?


They have said before that it will be 1 per month and it will be released into the 24 hour pet event.

I assume with things like the Design a Pet comp, it will simply be sent to everyone and outside of that 1 a month release

They have said that, but that’s only 12 new pets a year, and spoiler data suggests they’ve got many more than 12 pets waiting to be released, hence my questions.

  1. The pet feature has been a good change of tempo in game play for collecting. Will there be any future plans to do something with pets besides look at them and hope they have stat bonuses?

  2. Many new features have been added to the game in version 3.4. Will there be any “updates” to the VIP system to reflect outdated bonuses and/or include new positive inclusions to the system?

  3. So some people just can’t get a few of the pets due to poor luck or bad timing. Is there any plans to mitigate that issue (monetary options included)? The thought process here is a new pet a few months from now (example, 7th new pet 7 months from now) being added to a very large pool of random pets and just never being chosen (or very infrequent) to have a repeated encounter.

  4. New items were added to the soulforge in 3.4. Can you talk about other things planned for the Soulforge? Particularly things that don’t require new currencies?

  5. Pets are a fun inclusion now, but some of my guild mates are already tired of doing the battles to obtain them. How do you plan on keeping the participation and morale rates up like 6 months from now where only the new monthly pets will draw much interest from people?


Yay, I can get senpai to notice me! :3

Any chance at all of redoing Treasure Hunt in any way? It’s been the same thing since we started, only without, at best, one of the 15 turns we used to have.

Is it true blue ascension orbs have only a 15% chance of dropping while green growth orbs have a 35% chance? If so, why? Equal numbers of each major are required for Zuul but we already get more green majors due to guaranteed one in raid/invasion rewards.

Please remember that you can ask whatever questions you want in the last 10-15 minutes. From this thread I will be gathering questions regarding Pets and 3.4.

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Will there be a change to the bonuses pets give to make them actually worth leveling up? For example the xp pet Lucky:

Level 1 adds nothing
Level 5 adds 1 xp
Level 10 adds nothing
Level 15 adds 1 xp
Level 20 adds nothing

And the x2.25, x2.5 bonuses get rounded down to x2.


Are you going to increase the rewards for the Pet battles which are too low (I’m talking about xp, gold, glory and trophies)? Or at least give a reason why these rewards are so low?

Can you add some interaction between Dwarven Slayer and Slayer Ghost as proposed here?

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nvm (10 char)

As I said, please keep the questions related to Pets and the 3.4 Update. :slight_smile: (3.4 is the one we have already released.)

If you want to ask a different question you will need to ask on Stream.

Why can’t we ask questions not related to Pets and 3.4?

Okay okay fine, I’ll play your game as it were…

Can we get some heavy UI improvements on the pet menu? Like, for instance, those blue/green indicators for leveling/ascending availability I mentioned the other week? And others.


+1 to this.

While a history lesson about what we already have might be interesting, some insights and debate into what is coming next would be much more interesting…

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