Dwarven Slayer —> Slayer Ghost

It might be fun to change the spell of Dwarven Slayer to “and die gloriously. If the enemy does not die, summon a Slayer Ghost.” If the Slayer does not finish the job, his ghost lingers on.


That would be cool, im not sure if it would be to powerful, but it would fit well and certainly would be fun.

Very cool idea. Probably increase the mana cost a little. Too many spells get a summon thrown in as an uncosted extra.

While we’re at it, change the Slayer’s spell away from being a ‘one cast only’ spell. Obviously that slayer (being dead) won’t be casting again, but this prevents any other Slayers on the team from also casting and seeking a glorious death.


Great idea, very fitting for the lore. But triggered only if the enemies troop survived might get a bit complicated to incorporate.

So I think, changing his third trait from Impervious to something similiar to Dragotaur’s Dragon Boon, something like “25% chance to summon Slayer Ghost on death”, might work as well.

But, consider he will able to be a ghost even after done finish killing his target, his whole revenge ghost thing will be kinda strange…

Troop survival is already in the game. We have spells (like Wulfgarok’s) that trigger on enemy death. This is a simple Boolean inversion of that check.


You can put 100% like Drake Rider :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yeah… and our programmers have such a great record with NOT functions… like these troops are NOT in the Forge… :wink:

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I prefer the trait version because it will not boost Dwarven Slayer in Arena.


I agree with this in principle, but doesn’t Dwarven Slayer’s spell do so much damage it guarantees a kill in Arena?

Yeah surely. Aside if you target a Barriered troop :stuck_out_tongue: .

But his traits are crap and I think he should summon even if he doesn’t kill the enemy.
He’s not a strong troop and even with a 100% summon, he wouldn’t be OP.
Drake Rider is still better than him and has a 100% summon trait…

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