Gems of Streaming


May the odds forever be in your favor Salty, I’ll be rooting for you! :wink:

@Sheba please include in your notes if Salty actually beats a defense from my guild. It’ll be a moment we want to remember. Lol


IMA FIGHT YOU AND WIN. Just you wait!


I’m a fan of gems of war. All I do is wait for devs to do things. :grin::rofl::wink:


I shall let you know! (Though if the battle last stream would have been won, it would have been Cyrup’s win and not Salty’s. :wink: )


Results are in! Cyrup is playing while I chat!


You better bring the mug you showed us last week :slight_smile:


You mean Cyrup plays while you drink coffee. :wink:


… Yes. That is correct.


Wait can i change my vote?


It is too late!!! THE POLL IS CLOSED!


Summary (I will forget things, it’s late):

  • Shentang release on the 16th.
  • Penglong is a long boi, Cyrup’s favourite and his skill is “X damage to all troops, boosted by enchanted allies”.
  • Diviner will transform yellow gems to a chosen color and either cleanse all allies, increase the magic of all allies by 7 or enchant all allies (random).
  • It is currently unknown if the second trait of the Diviner (switch 2 life into 2 magic upon 4-/5-matches) can kill her.
  • Sky Ancestry - the winged elf racial trait - protects from Mana Drain, Faerie Fire, Mana Burn and Silence.
  • Gnomes can appear with the 3.3. update in almost all battles (not in GW, but almost everything else is valid - arena, PVP, explore). Defeating them nets you a lot of gold. Their spell is to run away and leave combat, so keeping them drained is important. They take up a troop spot (similiar to Moas in the Moa event). Spawn chance currently unknown.
  • There will be no Gnome kingdom.
  • Gnomes will not be available as useable troops.
  • The devs will move office during the next month or so.
  • Salty and Cyrup like to touch Mab.
  • Raid Boss will offer far more rewards for how your guild did overall as a team than it will offer leaderboard rewards to make rewards available for more people. There will be some leaderboard rewards, though.
  • The third event switching with Raid Boss and GW is still a surprise.
  • There will be something for Valentine’s Day.
  • Cyrup sometimes misclicks things and likes Khorvash to sit on his full spell forever, but does amazing accents.


Thanks for joining us everyone! It was a tonne of fun!

Please enjoy my awful gif!




10 penlogs


This is…fine.


Edited for more accurate reading!


cough cough Diablo-copy-paste



Cactuars come to GoW!!


It comes from waaaaaay back into the past. Golden Axe had those first.



So they won’t be Impervious or have Mana Shield? @Saltypatra



Though what does Impervious have to do with it? Impervious troops will not gain Mana Drain immunity; Impervious has been stated in the Q&A to remain as it is, as the devs feels it’s powerful enough right now. Just imagine Gargantaur could get better, we can’t have that! Instead, we must make sure that troops like Anariel and Nyx get more powerful by giving them drain immunity. :wink: It’s not like they’re everywhere in the meta already or whatever.