Gems of Streaming


Impervious currently can’t be Mana burned. As if they have a built in Mana Shield. If their adding unable to Mana drain to Mana shield. I figured Impervious troops would also not be able to be Mana drained. But I could be wrong.


Honestly Impervious shouldn’t prevent Mana Burn, it’s too much protection condensed into the same trait, as each new debuff added to the game also increases it’s value.


I’d be perfectly okay if they stopped adding new debuffs into the game. Faerie Fire is seriously pushing it…


Really a week after you released a kingdom and most people spent all their keys you announce a new kingdom is coming in a couple of weeks you couldn’t have said anything a week earlier. I have nothing for a new kingdom because I was expecting a new one in 2 - 3 months like usual.


I think it is really to coincide with Chinese New Year


They could have said that before a lot of people spent all their keys on Bright Forest and the new mythic


Talking about Gnomes. Here is a real photo of one. :wink:


They said in the Q&A specifically that Mana Drain immunity would be added to Mana Shield but NOT Impervious because they felt Impervious was strong enough as it is. This isn’t even speculation, but a fact stated by Sirrian and Nimhain. I’m not making this up and it says so in the summary I wrote since the beginning. Watch the recorded stream again if you don’t believe me.

Yep, they said it would be released on Chinese New Year. I didn’t actually know when that was (they didn’t give the date) until I read in the spoiler thread about it being the 16th and Taran’s spoiler page now listing that date as well.


I agree, 9150 glory and 22,000 gold keys gone. If I’d known I’d have waited. This is piss poor imo. Surely they knew it was coming. 16th Feb, not March?


But it honestly doesn’t matter does it? Assuming you knew about Shentang what would you change about your use of keys that would really impact your gameplay? Spend less gold keys saving for Shentang for a chance to get some extra low rarity cards?

You would have Bright Forest commoms and rares less ascended and still have Shentang commoms and rares also less ascended. If by 16th March you will have enough keys to decently ascend Shentang cards then you can just as well spend those keys at that time. But honestly you’ll have a chance earlier when the next Mythic arrives anyway, you still have a month to collect the same amount of keys, the kingdom is just coming by earlier. That’s all.


I’d have had over 23k to open and get br and shenny cards, as it is it’s going to be harder to save a reasonable amount. I was already keeping an eye out for brownie being available with summoning stones. i’ll save everything til then and will have 10,000,000 gold to open a few chests too should i need to.
It’s a shame i blew all those glory keys, i can’t replace those by using gold.


Yeah, but you’ll possibly acquire some epics everytime a new Mythic arrives if you use Glory Keys anyway. The amount of keys available until a certain point in the future wouldn’t change. What changes is that since the kingdom is available earlier (according to some expectations) every key you would “waste” looking for a new Mythic has a chance to give you some troop you still need right now.

If the devs planned on releasing, let’s say, six kingdoms this year i wouldn’t be bothered if they do it right now. The amount of resources and time playing i’ll get during the whole year is the same, but i would have an advantage as each key has more cards i need.


its not that bad guys if youre newer may not remember but one time 2 kingdoms were brought out in 1 day xD


Omg I genuinely miss-matched a 3 or 4 gem row in the stream! :joy:

At this stage Gnomes won’t be immune to mana drain and they’re unlikely to have impervious as a trait as well


@Cyrup Are gnomes able to drop items other than gold? Or are they currently restricted to just gold? If not, are there plans to make different types of gnomes?


sirriangnome : insert 1-5 bugs in battle,win -500% gold for the next 5 battles of encountering a sirriangnome :sunglasses:


We do have more plans for gnomes in future updates!


So you are currently leaving other future details ungnome?




I apologize for nothing, at least pun wise.