Gems of Streaming


If you didn’t like that one, you’re not going to like the flavour text for the Gnomes :stuck_out_tongue:


In regards to Shentang, we were wanting to release it for Chinese New Year and when our localisation was ready. It was Bright Forest that got pushed back. Our kingdoms have never been on a regular schedule as their release can fluctuate quite quickly depending on updates, etc. We try not to give out firm dates when they can change last moment, which we saw with Bright Forest. We wanted to release the kingdom earlier than we did but there were some extenuating circumstances.


And what about the next update? Mid-February is soon…


Couldn’t you have at least said that in the spoiler thread and said THIS IS NOT A FIRM DATE IT MAY BE DELAYED?

I spent over 20k gold keys, 4k glory key, close to 500 event keys and a few hundred gem keys and still didn’t get the common and rares to mythic. Now I have to either spend all my keys as soon as I get them for the next few months to ascend Shentang troops and have nothing for the next kingdom or save everything for the next kingdom and not even have Shentang troops.


That’s your OCD talking. The Shentang troops will still be in chests when the next kingdom comes out. Spend what you have now, at least so you can have one or two of each troop to team-build with. The extra skill points from ascending and leveling beyond 15 are nice but rarely the difference between “I will never use this troop” and “I will always use this troop”.

Once you have a few copies of the troops, start saving for the next kingdom as normal. You’ll get plenty of copies of Shentang troops when that kingdom arrives.


:rofl: that is the most funny thing I have hear the whole day!!!


Hey! I also suffer from obsessive collectors disorder.


We are all a little deranged in this sense, we want to get everything in the very moment it’s released.


Except Gargantaur. I feel like 50% of the forum decided to skip him. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a quick heads up, instead of a live stream next week we are going to try something a little different… A Reddit AMA! Details to come soon. :slight_smile:


Will there still be a 3.3 live QA?


The Reddit AMA will function as the 3.3 live QA @Ghaleon.


Thats a shame. I feel like this will alienate some. I personally don’t have a reddit account nor do I intend to get one.

I much prefer twitch myself. Guess I’ll just read along.

But thanks for doing some type of interaction with the players monthly it is appreciated.


We thought we would try something as a change of pace. (Also, myself and Cyrup have to be out of the office on the normal streaming day, so I wanted to make sure that a form of Q&A still happened for you all.)


Can it be a GoW forum AMA instead of a Reddit AMA? Just sayin’.


(I’d like to bring some more traffic to our Reddit. So this is also a bit self serving. :P)


So the Q&A gonna be specific to 3.3 update?

I was hoping to see a how it work and what it content thread before asking question about that…


Does Reddit even have some discussions going on about GoW? I remember it being quite… stagnant… when i visited it a long time ago. But well, i’m indifferent about where we will get the information. And at least a certain…
(\ _/)
( ’ -’)
(u u)o <-These are paws by the way, not something else just to be clear! :wink:
… will be able to sleep without missing anything.


You will be able to ask questions about Shentang and the upcoming update. Not all questions can be answered, but many will be. I will write up a thread shortly that has all the details.


I agree with you that there is little to no activity on reddit. This really would be better to host on the official forums imho.