Gems of Streaming


Ok i don’t really care about shentang, it will come when it will come. Im more interested about the new games mode, how it gonna work and the rewards etc…


@Ghaleon this is exactly why I wantr to do it on Reddit!

Also, Reddit’s comment system is much easier to navigate for AMA’s than the forums.


I don’t have a reddit account and the few times I’ve been there for other things because google sent me to read something up, I haven’t even been able to understand the forum structure or what any of the stuff meant there. I really wish it would be on the forum here. I find this not very userbase-friendly. Stream is one thing, but requiring your users to join another site they might not want to join is… yeah. Questionable at best.

Also what in the world is an AMA?

Will I, though? That would be nice. Like, really nice. Though if I will be able to sleep because I won’t be able to join anyway, that’s actually kinda sad.


“Ask Me Anything”.


…I would have never guessed that. Thanks!:sweat_smile:

Does that mean that there will not be a limit of questions this time? That sounds like a potential mess. Like, a really big mess. (Mostly because everyone knows I would just ask 50 lore questions…)


To be fair, some players don’t want to use Twitch either. As I said earlier, Reddit has a better format for AMAs than the forums as multiple threads can be created under one big one. :slight_smile: It’s much easier to follow.


AMA is “Ask Me Anything”, not “We will answer everything”. Salty/Cyrup will choose which questions they respond to. If you rapid-fire 50 lore questions, they probably won’t all get answered.


The patch should be released this month, so a Q&A is not a good idea as most of the questions will be about the patch… A preview of the new game modes should be a better option.


… Who’s to say we’re not also doing that, @turintuor?


how much does sirrian weigh in …chinchillas!


I would love to see more YouTube videos like this one, maybe we can get one for 3.3?


Hmmmm, maaaaaybe. :wink:


We didn’t have preview since GW so close to one year ago.
Reason for the other patchs was a bad timing.

We were told for the release a “maybe mid-Feb (i.e. next week)” or “end of Feb” (i.e. 2.5 weeks).
Not sure if you have time for a preview if next week is dedicated to Q&A…

But I know nothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

And what about the Q&A after a preview? Because preview = lot of questions


Q & A will be next Tuesday due to our schedule. :slight_smile:


Do you mean there is time to have a preview before the Q&A? :slight_smile:


I didn’t say anything to that effect. :stuck_out_tongue:


But they can ask questions that will be in the live stream and @Sheba usually does an excellent summary.

There are people like me in Australia that can’t participate live because the time of the Q&A is lunchtime and people work and do other stuff and other countrys it is the middle of the night are we just going to miss out on asking questions now?


@Maxx I’m not understanding how this is any different to twitch? The time is the same as it has always been. I would recommend passing your questions on to someone who will be there if you have some you would like to be answered. :slight_smile:

We are also going to be changing how we source questions for our streams as well, so you all know for the future.


In regards to difficulty of participation it is not going to be any harder than joining the stream on Twitch. In fact, reading over the posts/answers if you can’t join at the time will be much easier.

We are going ahead with the AMA/Ask me anything on Reddit. We’re just letting you know that this is happening.

Reddit allows you to properly follow a conversation/answer a question in format that supports separated conversations. As soon as more than one person responds to an answer on our forums you can instantly lose track of the information and direction of conversation. I understand this is not ideal as many users are on the forums, but this will be much more manageable. Considering how busy the studio has been we need something that can allow the team to manage responses in an organised, cohesive format within the time limit given.


@Cyrup to the rescue with the good words.