Gems of Streaming


I haven’t been able to watch the last few Q&As live but with the question gathering threads I was able to ask questions there and a few of them were answered on stream.

I probably won’t be able to ask this in a Q&A now so hopefully you can give a simple yes or no answer. When mana shield blocks mana drain will you be looking at troops with mana shield example Valkyrie, Lady Anariel, Nyx to make sure they will not be too overpowered with mana drain immunity?


We will be changing how we gather questions moving forward for the Dev Q&As.


That sucks I thought the previous way worked really well


It had its merits and flaws, I’m looking into how it can be improved and streamlined for the future.


I’d just like to say an AMA on Reddit is nice and all…

But this is how to do previews/reveals for new content:


One of the main reasons we stopped doing preview videos was due to time restreaints and a lack of manpower. We may see them reappear in the future…


I sure they are hard to make, but they are so good!!! Very professional. And Sirrian was always outstanding with his voice over work.


The world needs to know!


We will answer this question if you ask in the AMA. We will prepare an answer. BUT, is it long tailed or short tailed chinchillas? @en9nhcet


long tailed


And why chinchillas and not…some other, adorable animal? Not naming a specific one, but…


Looking forward to the AMA I really like that format!



Any streaming tomorow?


Perhaps both?


I will be streaming today! Not sure what yet or with but it will be 12:30 pm AEST. :slight_smile:


Bad news: Not streaming any new content or anything to do with 3.3., Soz!
Good news: You get Ozball @UKresistance . We have new internet! It should be slightly faster! And I will be valley girl!


YES I AM SO READY. The readiest.


Will be doing the stream summary in an hour!


Summmmmmmmmary (not really much to say, though, and I am still tired and very ill):

  • No 3.3. previews since it’s waiting for approval now and changes might be requested, so the devs aren’t showing us anything since things might change still.
  • Orbs will be very rare.
  • Everyone wish Cyrup a happy belated birthday!:confetti_ball:
  • The Pandaska troop from the Shentang Questline was previewed. Ozball showed a team with: Spearmaster, Pandaska, Diviner, and Spellblade.
    Pandaska’s spell is: Bam-Bam-Boo!Bam-Bam-Boo!:
    Explode 2 Gems. Deal [Magic +2] damage to the first and last enemies.
  • Cyrup thinks the Shentang troop’s inclination for Enchantment work well together as a team and that their glowing looks pretty
  • Penglong is 10 meters long and grows when casting his spell. It has not been elaborated if that growth is permanent.
  • Cyrup is Bae.
  • Ozball can play more matches in one stream than Salty can in ten.
  • Salty will be back next week for streaming.
  • Ozball is just as bad with collecting tribute as Salty is.
  • Most people like cake.

It was a rather uneventful stream.:wink: I might have forgotten things, though.

EDIT: HAAAAA I AM FASTER THAN CYRUP! (No really, you do one as well, I think mine sucks. I was so tired I forgot you were going to do one, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: )


I know an even faster bunny.