Gems of Streaming


No worries Sheba I just edited your post, otherwise here are my only other additions:

  • The Pandaska troop from the Shentang Questline was previewed. Ozball showed a team with: Spearmaster, Pandaska, Diviner, and Spellblade. Bear banner
    Pandaska’s spell is: Bam-Bam-Boo!Bam-Bam-Boo!:
    Explode 2 Gems. Deal [Magic +2] damage to the first and last enemies.
  • Cyrup thinks the Shentang troop’s inclination for Enchantment work well together as a team and that their glowing looks pretty


If you experienced bad internet in the stream call 10000BABYY !


Now everyone will know what I missed.:joy: Honestly Ozball played so fast that all I ever noticed was if Penglong was in the team or not.:see_no_evil:


Correct answer :white_check_mark:


I’m so sorry I’m so slow at matches, it’s usually because I am giving you spoilers and answering questions. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the Stream:

Pandaska troop preview:

Shentang questline!

For some reason Twitch made four videos of the Stream, I think because it cut out. These are the highlights!


@Cyrup or @Ozball have you found out if Nyx will be losing mana shield?


Waiting for approval from Sony and MS? So if it goes through, it’s released soon™?


I missed it since I was traveling to Australia, but I’ll check it out.






I died of laughter. xD


Most likely waiting on iOS. If everyone just went with Android we’d probably have the update already. :wink:


Since my last reply to you was super serious. I’d propose a fun idea.
Like a count down (or count up clock).
That starts on the forums as soon as ya’ll submit the patch for client approval.

The clock should be at around 9 days up and to this point?


That’s not fun!


while i do enjoy hasenpfeffer im more fond of chinchillas


Mmmmm I’m back to Stream tomorrow! I can’t wait! I will be doing some previews of upcoming troops tomorrow coughnewmythiccough and can’t wait to see you all. We will also have some new surprises…


Can you please wake up sirrian? i think he falled asleep on his keyboards lol


Could he have a small buff? Putting Stun before Silence.


While the Spell text lists the silence first, in the way the spell works, makes sure that the Stun does occur before the Silence.


Out of sheer curiosity: Is it because of some alphabetic order for effects on spell’s description?
Like, in the description text the effects are listed following the alphabetic order?


Today I will be previewing our upcoming mythic, Champion of Anu. Wooooo! I am so excited! I also have some new things to show off…