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Salty will be handling questions, complaints and suggestions regarding the new game mode instead.

So, sharpen the pitchforks and light the torches!


Or you could treat me gently?


You’ve been part of the forum community long enough to know . . . .that’s not how this works. :wink: :laughing:


So true @collectorofgems. I go live in an hour! That’s 12 30 PM AEDT, 5 30 PM PST and 8 30 PM EST.


Good luck. Have a good show. :+1:


It’s going to be a new coffee mug, right?


That was a fun streaming. And Anu’s Champion is really strong.



  • Salty won all her streaming matches. Including one against her nemesis (A W RYAN)… which consisted of 4x Fire Bomb. :stuck_out_tongue: …Though she retreated twice as well because she forgot to pick the correct team.
  • Ozball danced the Macarena (while sitting).
  • There will be a contest later in the year, after another update. The contest will be related to the update and not be a design-a-troop contest, but similiar.
  • Salty-streams are back on schedule now as Salty is back in the office.
  • Champion of Anu is quite the butt of a certain joke. :wink:
  • We still don’t know what Sirrian’s weight is in chinchillas.
  • The stream got some really new, fancy graphics now.
  • Salty hates yellow mastery.
  • Ozball is as fast with adding forum titles as Salty is with playing matches on stream. :wink:


Unfortunately Sirrian and I were in a meeting at the time so we didn’t get the question about Sirrian’s weight in Chinchillas until the stream ended.

So we are clear is this short tailed Chinchillas or long tailed Chinchillas?


I believe the one who originally asked the question (I forgot who it was) meant long tailed Chinchillas. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also wow, you guys have meetings like 24/7. Feels like you are always in a meeting. You should take breaks and pet some bunnies in between (or Chinchillas, since you clearly need to buy a ton now to figure the weight question out. But bunnies are still superior…)!

EDIT: Found it!

It was @en9nhcet!


As long as the bunnies are English Lops (I really love their ears)!


Deep fried or just cooked? :smiling_imp:


English Lops are cute, though they are considered “breeding for defects” as they often have heavy ear injuries and infects since they step on them and can’t keep them clean. So while I cannot support the breed with a clear coincidence, I do fully understand why you like them because they can be adorable to look at (all bunnies are)!



Did not know that, but it doesn’t surprise me. Afterall the Munchkin cat is breed for dwarfism.

I just like most of the Lops due to the ears.


Should @Saltypatra play Tiny Quest on a stream sometime soon?

  • YES!
  • I don’t know what Tiny Quest is, so clearly Salty should play it on a stream for my edification.

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Yeah, there’s so many animal breeds which should really not exist. But lops are cute (though I love all bunnies, not just lops)!
And why would they? A normal bunny already offers shapeshifting abilities! Bunnies can look like a square, a triangle, a ball…:stuck_out_tongue:


And they are all tasty… :yum:

This one looks like a loaf.


NO! (I actually don’t know if bunnies are tasty because I never ate bunny for obvious reasons.):triumph:

It IS actually called ‘loafing’ when they sit like a loaf.:joy:


I forgot I had a bunny pic saved on my phone.


Retreats count as a loss and I’m assuming she knows that 4x Fire Bombs does not count as an actual win. More a helpful gold/trophy donation from my guild to her. :wink:
Nemesis guild* my defense wasn’t set as that yet. It is now though. :grinning: