Gems of Streaming


Streaming tomorrow woo! Please join me for a chill stream with banter and bad jokes. There might even be a surprise guest!

I’m also happy to field some questions.


The stream will be at 12 30 PM AEDT on Tuesday, which is 8 30 PM EST Monday. See you there!


Seriously, you guys placed Knights as invasion guard to make us use BunniNog, right?


What’s wrong with encouraging a bit of bunni nog action?


Out of curiosity, why do you stream at the same time as Tacet?


Popularity contest :sweat_smile:


No time to do a video but plenty of time to goof around and do social media… I think it’s more likely that the team aren’t good enough to put a well constructed team together and actually demonstrate invasions to the level required by the community. This makes no sense. Maybe hire tacet to do them for you guys?


I can’t help but feel that Tim would disagree with you on that one :grin:


It’s clearly a conspiracy lead by @Sheba. :wink:

#686 I’m live! Come join me! Special guest will come.


Thanks for joining us everyone! I hope you enjoyed your special @Sirrian guest. :slight_smile:


Some interesting tidbits from the stream:

– They are going to buff rewards from vault in next Vault event.
– In Bounty, there is no team build limitations.
– With 3.4 update, a new side event is coming. (It could happen on any day.)
– RE: new events and player engagement: The userbase and player engagement grew by around 25% in past week and a half. If they see people getting fatigued, they will re-examine the events lineup.


Good news, i missed some parts of the stream, and that was one.


Actually no. I still really don’t like Bunni’Nog. Bunni’Nog is a non-cute traitor of bunnykind, which is a race of adorableness made for snuggles and cuddles.:triumph:
Also I like the knights. :stuck_out_tongue:


The patch or the event? :wink:


The event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The event, there is no eta on either update or event. i think they said second half of the year but i’m not 100% on it.


Another thing that we touched one was Dev Q and As. I’d like to expand a little on this so you can all stay in the loop.

As I’m sure you have noticed (and spoken about at length) we have had some issues with our Q and As. Typically, our issues come down to needing to delay, move or cancel them with very little notice. We hate doing this as we know it lets you down, especially when you have all taken time out of your lives to interact with us.

As such, we are going to re-evaluate how we do our Q and As in the future. Due to the nature of gamedev (and timezones, and a bunch of other uninteresting problems that pop up last minute) it is hard to adhere to a firm schedule. This means that for the immediate future we will be stopping Q and As and we find a new format that works for everyone. This way we won’t let you down as we move forward.

We will still be doing Q and As, but in the future they will likely be posted as Youtube videos, with the questions vetted beforehand. This isn’t confirmed, but at the moment is looking like the most promising option.


Just seems like the devs are distancing themselves more and more from us.


Any ideas on what the event is? :slight_smile: