Gems of Streaming


@Santandrix that’s not the case at all. We always feel terrible when we need to cancel, so we wanted to avoid letting everyone down in the future.

Also, Sirrian and Nimhain are going to be surprise guesting with me more in the future when I stream. This means thats even though we don’t have a set Q and A, if you catch them with me you are more than welcome to ask them questions.


@Powerplay, yes but we can’t say anything yet. :slight_smile:


Sorry I seem frustrated, it’s just been so quiet since the update and we have a lot of concerns about what could be fixed. I hope you guys are taking notes.


Also your gnomes made me addicted to Explore :fearful:


Seriously, those gnomes are like a high, man.


You been smokin’ gnomes again, haven’t you?


It’s not my fault they have tantalizing rewards :~:


@Saltypatra, i just saw this on my FB and it reminded me about the upcoming “Move out into a new office event”:

I hope you appreciate such art. :rofl:


Hey everyone! It’s streaming day! Today I will be making teams with Zuul’Goth, and we will have a special guest!

We go live at 12 30 PM AEDT which is 9 30 PM EST. Please join me chats, coffee and bad jokes. (Also, a code!)


Is it a Koala? :star_struck:


Streaming on twitch ???


Hi @Saltypatra. Will your special guest be an expert in Centaur anatomy and physiology? I have some crucial questions that need answering. Specifically:

  1. What determines whether GOW centaurs have horns or not? My wife is convinced that it is a recessive gene passed on through the female, but I am not so sure.
  2. Do Krystaran centaurs have horse-sized horse-halves and gigantic human-halves, or do they have human-sized human-halves and itty-bitty horse halves?
  3. Where do female centaurs nurse their young from?
  4. Do male centaurs have two sets of junk? If not, why are they so modest about the area in front of their front legs?

These are things that keep me up at night.


@Stan, okay. I’ll answer them all!


For science!
I’ve made question 3 to all my DMs at some point. :smile:


That’s where I’ve always watched them.




Who’s doing the notes now that @Sheba no longer is??


I won’t answer your questions until you are in stream, Stan.


@Stan, you need to show up on the stream.


got some technical problems. I’ll see if I can get to a different platform.