Gems of Streaming


Someone’s gotta buy a new bunny to take notes!:blush:
(No, I wasn’t in the stream, I just got up like five minutes ago.)


I hope someone asked what’s up with the 5x more green orbs needed for major orb than any other color orb?


Answers (indirectly) from Sirrian to the only questions that matter:

  1. Speed determines which centaurs have horns. It’s just the ones that can run over 30 mph that need horns to warn the other centaurs that they are incoming. (Not the kind of horns I was asking about, but OK.)
  2. Krystaran centaurs are sized exactly in the “centaur” of human and horse-sized.
  3. Female centaurs nurse their young from their, in @Saltypatra’s words, boobies.
  4. Male centaurs have one, very large, set of junk and they cover their fronts out of modesty in case Elspeth takes an Elfie from in front of them.


Summary of what was said in stream (comments in brackets are my own thoughts):

  • Office move hasn’t happened yet but will be happening soon.
  • No particular reason that event stone requirement was reduced this week. Or none that Salty knows anyway.
  • Salty likes the new Legendary, especially the art.
  • PC/Mobile will probably get daily tasks like console sometime. Nothing imminent.
  • Salty previewed Zuul’Goth starting at around 10:00. (I guess this makes up for the Raid ‘preview’ which occurred three days after the event was released. Now we have a preview for a troop which no one can acquire for two years. Cool cool cool.) It is meant to be a “lofty goal” for endgamers.
  • Salty can’t eat pancakes.
  • Nimhain is the special guest, appearing at about 18:30.
  • There will be a post explaining bounties later this week (close to release), but no preview video.
  • Bounties won’t be limited in the teams you can use.
  • Nim has been working on upcoming troops and the next kingdom (Dhrak-Zum). Not many details yet but she is working on a tank that would be a good alternative to Gorgotha.
  • Devs are happy with how Raid and Invasion went and they are listening to feedback. They can’t make knee-jerk reactions. They’re following all channels and are watching how we’re playing. There may be some changes coming out of that but nothing specific promised at this time.
  • Diagonal gem-moves will not be a thing.
  • Some discussion about the difficulty of getting a specific legendary in the Soul Forge (since there are so many legendaries and only 4 appear per week).
  • 3 new mythics in-progress and Nim is working on the next 3-month batch of troops.
  • Important centaur discussions at 32:00 (see my post above).
  • Treasure hunt is still on the to-do list. They are aware that it doesn’t scale well to mid and end-game but they need to be careful with rebalancing rewards.
  • On rewards for Raid and Invasion, they are listening to feedback and don’t have any answers yet. Nim said that since some of the rewards get sent out to everyone in the guild, they need to be careful. It is not just the devs decision (meaning that the publisher probably has a hand in this as well).
  • Treasure hunt vaults will probably never hold vault keys, since Gnomes are a unique thing.
  • There are new types of Gnomes coming. Lots of different types (to be introduced every couple of months).
  • Tassarion will be sent out to do some important field research on Centaurs.
  • Goblin mythic coming next year maybe? Raksha mythic coming before August.
  • A new game mode is coming. No details.
  • Orbs unlikely to come to legendary tasks.
  • Crafting formula for Zuul probably won’t change, but there may be additional ways to get orbs in the future.
  • Still no codes for console due to “legal issues”.
  • Cyrup will be streaming for the next few weeks as Salty will be in the USA.
  • Support is a little backed-up following the new update.
  • Salty’s knowledge of geography, both American and Australian, is atrocious.

How are we all feeling about Gems of War now? Let’s review!

Thank you so much for providing this! :heart:


Thanks for the summary @Stan :slight_smile:


@Nimhain @Saltypatra

I didn’t get a chance to respond to this during the stream and the discussion moved past it fairly quickly, but I think the rewards that people are most concerned about here are the per-battle rewards that are received directly after each raid or invasion battle is concluded. Others might have opinions about the tier rewards and guild rewards, but I strongly believe that the thing that irks people most is the miniscule rewards that are awarded at the conclusion of battle. While the early battles are easy to blow through, once we begin encountering more powerful raid bosses and towers, the actual battles are equivalent (in terms of time required and difficulty) to PVP battles or Warlord 3/4 explore/challenge battles. For a PVP battle, we’re used to seeing gold in the thousands, plus trophies and glory. For explore battles (even at normal difficulty), we’re used to seeing hundreds of gold, plus a chance at better traitstones. On increased difficulty explore, we’d be getting gold maybe in excess of 1,000 plus increased souls due to the difficulty multiplier. W4 explores and PVP also give a bonus to guild seals.
Even at peak difficulty at the end of these events, our per battle rewards are equivalent to what we would get on normal difficulty challenges, without the soul bonuses (that is, something in the range of 40-60 gold and a handful of souls). When we are spending hours on these events each week, that is a significant investment of time where we are not seeing a direct payback in the kinds of rewards that we’d otherwise be earning in other game modes.


This is exactly what I have an issue with. I don’t think it is too greedy to expect that these rewards scale upwards as the battles begin to take far more time.


I noticed they are being super quiet about it all, I even pinged them in a few threads, nothing.

But, they will come in to answer the beta test and guild wars bs.

Something is going on… do we even want to find out…:crossed_fingers:

I did not watch the stream, maybe I missed something.


Certainly. Salty enlightened us about the fact that koalas have chlamydia.
Probably result of the experiments of australian army to weaponize “drop bears”.


Couldn’t have said it better myself @Stan. While I’m sure we would all love even better tier rewards than they have set up, that I can live with. What I can’t live with is investing my already limited amount of time I have per week into a mode where battles take, as you said, just as long as warlord 4 or PvP battles and reward 1/20th of the gold and souls, and no trophies or glory. Wheres the incentive? To possibly get a random orb or two? I’d rather make gold in the 6 digits, handfuls of glory, and souls that I can use to level my troops with that time, than hunt for a few random orbs.


You really didn’t. Nim ruled out a couple things, but otherwise was very non-committal on anything. Things are still very new, so that’s understandable. They don’t want to make the mistake of promising something and then not delivering what people expect (not necessarily what was actually promised).


@Stan has the right of it. We won’t commit to something until we know for certain, as if it doesn’t happen we get considerable backlash. And you know, we don’t like not being able to deliver what we promise.

In upcoming streams we will be previewing new game modes and mythics. I personally loved playing with the Zuul’Bae.


I probably should have included that in my summary…

In collectible form, he reminded me a little bit of Great Maw (devastating one-shot spell with skull creation on cast), except he is impervious (so makes a good lead-troop against Psion, Silent One and the like), doesn’t gain the target’s stats (but does gain stats in other ways) and can target whoever he damn-well pleases. Overall, a fun troop to invade with but not overly annoying for defense.




If you’ve got a problem with that, take it up with Salty. I’m just reporting what I heard.

She did say you are a wonderful streaming host, btw.


New games modes? Please don’t tell me you also need to spend crazy amount of gems in them


It’s just a joke :wink: I know I’m streaming. I’m keen to see you guys! Yay!

What about what new game modes, sorry?


It doesn’t matter how much they boost the gold per match if we aren’t actually receiving it. Check your gold total before and after doing an invasion match, it increases by 0. Probably happening in raids too but only noticed during the invasion.


I guess it also could have been one of these then: