Gems of Streaming


Impervious, not invulnerable. I’m glad salty got some fun, but I’ll have to wait for far too long before I can. That is unless they make orbs easier to craft. Also, preferably not only with cash, check, or credit :money_mouth_face:.
In all seriousness though, why not make minor orbs with equivalent currencies? Souls into growth, traitstones to wisdom, and perhaps gold to ascension? Crafting xanathos took only a couple months and I honestly like him. I prefer him over gothboi and he took a fraction of the effort.
Btw, did salty say where she was going?


Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.


I hope she takes multiple pictures of deer, so we can know a bit how the aussies feel when we go crazy over a kangaroo.


Aussies are squirrel crazy.


So what you’re saying is, they go nuts for them?


That was a good one. :smile:
I think australians can be crazy about any animal that is not a threat to their lives. :rofl:


Being able to add different marks to cards helps identify a specific card for teams and organizing.Please add this feature many people in chat also thought it was a great idea!

Please add this! It’s difficult to organize the cards as it is.


I’ll be streaming with @Ozball today and @Kafka next week! This week we will be playing some Raid Booos and next week a troop preview. :+1:


Freudian slip?


Cool kafka, you will need to invite alpheon also one day cause i never saw both of them


One dev at a time!


NVM I see you’ve added a timer to start time. Thanks very helpful :slight_smile:


Going live in a few minutes!


Stream summary!

  • OzBall’s Raid Boss team: Mountain Crusher (Archer Hero), Queen May, Freya, Snow Hunter
  • Decaf coffee is not real coffee
  • Portal 3 gives a Major Orb of Growth this week!
  • Raid Boss rewards differ slightly each week
  • Frost archer is hot!
  • Glacial Peaks makes for some interesting team combos.
  • Taco Bell isn’t really in Australia
  • Fast Food Kingdoms = :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: design idea
  • We are looking into ways to revise Live Events rewards
  • Tyri is dissociated with her father :frowning:
  • “An event that happens any day” - no new information without Sirrian and Nim’s confirmation, sorry!
  • No confirmation when 3.3.5 is. Soon, and probably not more than 3 months away!
  • New kingdoms releasing in a later update


I’d be a happy man if we kept the Major Orb of Growth each week and traded something else out, like… the Diamonds? Minor Traitstones :slight_smile: ?


San Francisco is amazing btw!!! Great job streaming. It’s awesome fun to watch you guys. :slight_smile:


plz come back with office gifts.


Hmmm, I will find some San Francisco omiyage.





Are her eye sockets pointing in different directions?