Gems of Streaming


Garuda wants is helmet back.


I must admit she looks like a cartoon from the 80s…and looks like her face is pressed up against a window :joy:


She reminds me of Mok from Rock & Rule:


I think I figured out what’s wrong with Frost Archer’s artwork. No 3d aspect. Definitely a different artist to all other troops in the game.


Ok, so, I just had Taco Bill last night. I know I said on the stream that there isn’t Taco Bill in Australia but apparently there is and I forgot. But I had two free tacos so it was great!

Troop preview next week don’t forget! :heart_eyes: Excited to introduce you all to Kafka. You can ask us all kinds of support questions.


Will it be a “brief” preview?


Still getting details right now :smiley: What do you define as brief anyway?

wait is this a pun


To try to clarify for Aussies and Americans alike:

Taco Bill (which we have in Oz) and Taco Bell (which we don’t) are not the same thing.

Taco Bill is a chain restaurant where you sit down and order (like Applebee’s but Mexican food)

Taco Bell is fast food (like KFC but “Mexican” food)


Thank you. I am enlightened, but now can’t remember which we were discussing on the Stream.


Yes, and it relates to a certain new troop.



I don’t get the reference



You’re probably right.


Well, in that case then the tides may turn.


We have combo KFC/Taco Bell all in the same restaurant here. Fried chicken and tacos I don’t get, so it’s either or for me.

And eating taco bell was on my now wife’s to do list on her first visit to the US, and she liked it very much. Taco shells made out of dorritos, mmmmm.


Yum :scream:

Okay guys, unfortunately the troop preview for tomorrow is no longer going ahead due to various reasons! :frowning: Kafka will still be joining us. We’ll be trying out some Invasion teams and you can critique her choices.

I may also have another trick up my sleeve… @Razzagor knows what I’m planning!


We had an idea to have a few devs spend 1 minute creating a troop, and then each adding to it and building on to it to make it bigger and better!!

Should we do it in Microsoft Paint or on paper? :smirk:


Sure i want to see it :slight_smile:


Microsoft paint or paper? :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll do it before the stream.


Paper is my vote :slight_smile:


I mean both would be nice but if you only got time for 1, i go for paper :slight_smile:


Base mythic version of Merchant Prince plz.

Merchant King??