Gems of Streaming


Is it already done? I didin’t receive any notification


Stream starts in about 20 minutes


Stream summary: 27th March Invasion and dev troop drawings!

Join Cyrup and Kafka as Kafka team builds for Invasion with the help of viewers! Watch at the end of a sneak-peak of some cool new troops drawn by the devs themselves. :wink:

  • Gnome event will be this weekend
  • Gems needs more turtle troops! Turtles are underepresented~
  • Invasion Teams: Sunbird, Rowanne, Fire Bomb, Fire Bomb (thanks Tacet)
  • Traitstones that look more distinquishable for in the Soulforge would be good for colourblind players. This feedback has been added to our feedback report
  • Sphinx isn’t released yet :smirk:
  • We’ll make a code with more uses next time
  • Cyrup constantly bumps the table with her foot and coffee mug (sorrrry)
  • Kafka thinks it would be boring if Live Events were too easy
  • Elemental troop types for Invasion are good fun
  • Sharing some dev designed troops! Community name suggestions include: Seahorse, the drummer from Def leappard, Trogdor the Burninator!!!, wheels of fire, squiggle monster, Canaloupe

Here’s the troops!
We chose a small handful of members of the dev team to each draw a different body part for a troop in 30 seconds.
Orange: @Alpheon
Blue Pen: @GoldPhoenix0
Black pen: @Kafka (e.g. head of Trogdorkin)
Green highlighter: Cyrup
Pink: @Ozball
Dark pen (e.g. mermaid tail): One of our artists who doesn’t have a forum account!


Trogdorkin (beast, 32 mana, yellow/purple): Deal 15 damage randomly split amongst enemies boosted Merfolk allies. Spawn a schocktapus.



OZball also has some good Invasion teams! ‘unconventional’!


I wouldn’t necessarily call them “good”. Mostly just tried to stack team bonuses :stuck_out_tongue: And to play around with some non-Infernus team ideas.

Most Silly:
Frost Giant

Gives 3 4xTeamBonuses - Stormheim, Elemental, Giant (+3 Attack, +1 Magic, +16 Life)

Never got around to picking a banner for this one

Forest Troll
Hyndla Frostcrown
Sea Troll

Frozen Banner (Glacial Peaks) (though this is up for debate)

Mountain Crusher (hero)

Talon Banner (Suncrest)

Infernus Team:
Mountain Crusher (hero)

Bear Banner (Urskaya)
(Note: Taking Archer hero can give you a 3x Forest of Thorns bonus and Fast trait)

I haven’t tested these all that much, they were just done to play around with some less conventional ideas / makeups.


AHAAA!!! Now we finally know how Frost Archer came to be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That Trogdorkin needs more consummate V’s. CONSUMMATE V’S!!!

Also, he should do 5x skull damage versus Peasants.


I couldn’t wait for the stream, had to wake up really earlier today to deal with some important stuff.

Well, i’m glad my idea about the drawings came to fruition…

… and extra glad that someone, but me, came up with this funny remark. :rofl:

Maybe next time we can try some other ideas, i have some really good ones if you are willing to ignore any common sense about the dangers involved. But hey, you are australians, danger is in your blood. :wink:


Please! I am all open for ideas. There are only so many valley girl accents I can do per stream.


When is the next stream?


Alright cool thanks for the answer!


They generally do it every week at the same time.


burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants


I’m sorry but I’m new so… When would that be?


Not sure what your time zone is, but about 5 days and 21 hours from now.


Stream is usually at 12:30 PM AEST, though this might change with Daylight Savings coming this weekend.

Here is a countdown to the next planned time: (it may also be off by an hour due to DST)

But we do mention here and on social media about the stream in the hours before it happens.


A new vewier! :heart_eyes:


We will be back to Salty and co from the next stream. (Side note, I am using wi Fi on an aeroplane I am liviiiiing!)


Excuse me?!?!!?!???


$20 for 14 hours of wifi is so worth it. Don’t forget to drink the free liquor.