Gems of Streaming


Clearly the next stream will just need some scotch and bitters to go with the @Saltypatra and @Cyrup


This just in, the WiFi is free.


What airline is this. As someone who crosses the Pacific regularly, this is vital information you possess.


Probably quantas, they had free wifi domestic.
But I’d like to know what they have for free liquor.
Stupid American Airlines forgot to pack gin, and they ran out of vodka!



It was Air New Zealand. I can’t recommend them enough. :slight_smile:


Any Q&A soon? What happened to the last one? I know it was delayed but we never got more info about that


I would stay away from Fiji Airways. Based on my limited experience, I’m not so sure the planes are perfectly maintained, But sometimes the flights are cheap.


AIR Transat is the worst imo you got no space for your legs very shitty service. Everyone look frustrated


Fiji airlines…
If you have to because it’s cheap.

I had a layover in fiji, only cost me $30 to get in the first class lounge. That part was nice.


Are they more expensive than most airlines? I get that the extra cost makes up for it with WiFi and nicer food and things but I’d rather have a cheaper flight than a few hundred dollars extra for nice wine and WiFi.

I don’t think there are any plans for some soon but perhaps @Saltypatra can confirm.

I did a cheeky thing when I was in Thailand with my partner and we signed up for the ‘King Power’ (some sort of duty free shop thing) and got into their lounge area. A bunch of free snacks and WiFi wasn’t bad and gave us something to do while we waited for the flight :joy:


Actually, Air NZ was amazingly cheap. Just under $1000 for return flights. :slight_smile:

Today on stream I will be previewing our next mythic, ooooooh how exciting! Come join me as I ramble about GDC and the shenanigans we got up too.


Funny hats when? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am sick so I am going to ditch this stream :grimacing:


Gems of Streaming will be starting in 15 minutes at 11:40am AEST!

See what that is in your timezone here:


So nice to be back and see you all! Thanks for popping by. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t be on the stream, so…
WERE THERE BUNNIES?! (It was Easter, after all?)


I got destroyed by a Bunni’Nog, if that counts? XD Also, I refused to collect my tribute without you there.


That doesn’t count; Bunni’Nog is the traitor of bunnykind.
And pff, I will survive you not collecting your tribute (though shame on you!) because after I was done writing replies to Cyrup it was too late to really join the stream, so instead of making you collect your tribute, I watched a youtube video of a baby bunny eating an apple.:triumph: I love you, Salty, but that was not a battle you could have won. Not even by not collecting your tribute.



This gif pretty much sums up the stream…


wait, just started watching the recap of the stream.

Am I seeing it right? Undine’s 3rd trait submerges itself at the start of every turn now?