Gems of Streaming


Yes, that is what you saw. It changed from what was in the spoilers.


It also hits all enemies below and including the target despite the description, making it a rather massive damage full AoE troop (provided it can target the first troop) that ignores submerge on targets (since it isn’t technically an AoE, like Champion of Anu).


That’s not bad, but at that point, doesn’t that make Champion of Anu a better Undine most of the time?

Well, I guess its usable then…


Who’s gonna join me tomorrow? 8D


What is on the menu?


Spoilers for something arriving in the next update…


And when is the next update? :slight_smile:


I sure hope it’s being able to buy multiple Spoils of War packs for glory at once! :grin:


I got a feeling about the new pets


@Rickygervais. just as a heads up, I will never reveal when updates are coming until it’s very close and we know that they will pass for each platform. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not saying it will be pets… But I’m not saying that it’s not pets either.


Because I will 99,9% not be there, I am now tasking everyone who watches the stream with checking if
a) Salty collects her tribute and
b) Salty brings her bunny-mugs :rabbit:


I will do my best to bring my bunny mug for you!!!


Yay!:blush: I shall watch it once the recording of the stream is up on the next day then!


For @Sheba’s sake, I hope bunnies are pets.


Okay I lied. No preview until next week. This week will be chill hangs with a high liklihood of a guest Sirrian or NImhain to answer questions. :slight_smile:


So i can ask them if pets are in the next update :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think that will have the outcoming you’re expecting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I believe there was a Snow Bunny announced. That said, the fact that the spoiler-list of pets is so very long and that not 99% of it are bunnies is obviously already a huge issue with pets. I hope that bug will be fixed before release.:rabbit:


Tomorrow I will be streaming at 11 30 AM AEST, which is 9 30 PM ET and 6 30 PM PT on Monday night. Can’t wait to catch you all there!~


I will be there but the real question is are you going to be there on time? :stuck_out_tongue: