Gems of Streaming


I will try!


All done! Thanks for joining me everyone. We covered a lot today!


Anyone have a summary?


I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I listened to the part where Sirrian joined in. What I got from it was:

First part, for the coming update:

  • pets confirmed for next update, they have really cute art for them

  • doomskulls confirmed for next update, they are like red skulls in puzzle quest (I didn’t play PQ, but my understanding is they do extra damage and explode when matched), about 1 in 10 skulls that drops will be a doomskull

  • next kingdom is bringing a number of troops that use doomskulls (eg. generate extra ones)

  • no ETA on any of those things yet

  • more players have been playing raids than GW and there’s currently no plan to bring GW back more often (thank goodness! :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • “dead” guilds showing up in GW are not actually dead, they have players that are playing the game, but not playing GW for whatever reason


Are we sure about that? Cause i think we never did manually


I’m sure that’s what they said, yes. Maybe ask around in the guild if someone is doing the registering? I’ve never seen us not be registered in our guild, but I expect that’s because somebody is registering us as soon as possible.


Weird cause i remember last gw i was awake at the reset and we were already registered at the second

Edit: also if you check in guild war and try to register now it’s saying we are already registered


RE: Pharos-Ra in Event Chests: They stated that Pharos-Ra was in chests at reset, but his drop rate was mistakenly set to 0. They fixed this 4 hours later. You can contact support if you spent event keys to get Pharos Ra in that 4 hour time frame.

RE: Inactive/Dead Guilds in GW: The guilds in GW are active enough that they registered. Sometimes they just register to get the GW troop. Sometimes they play on the weekend and don’t make scores until then. Sirrian theorizes that part of the problem may be that people in really low brackets feel no incentive to actually play the matches. So, they may add an incentive for guilds to actually win their bracket. Sirrian said that they must be careful because for every guild they move up, someone has to be moved down. It’s tricky to get right. They are investigating a solution. They have no ETA, but it won’t be in the 3.4 update.

RE: Bracket Movement: After 3.4, Sirrian stated that he does want to have a look at how guilds can advance more quickly if they have completely owned their bracket. If they have completely been smashed in their bracket, they could drop faster.

RE: 3.4 Update: It should release by the end of the month. It will include the new pets. Also, doomskulls are coming. A doomskull gives +5 damage and explodes when matched. They drop about 10% of the time. They will be intrinsic to spells in the next kingdom as well.There will also be a doomstorm.

RE: Live PVP: The game isn’t structured for live PVP at the moment. They won’t rule it out, but it wouldn’t come this year. Sirrian added that if they were going to do live PVP, he would almost rather do it in GoW 2 or another game that is built up from the ground to support it.

RE: Bounty Troops in Chests: They should be in chests Friday. However, it needs to be confirmed.

RE: Making GW Every Other Week: They will consider that. However, raids and invasions have been more popular in player participation in the data. So, at the moment, there are no plans to run GW every other week. But, they will keep evaluating.

Unannounced Guild Wars this week!

I want back and rewatched and now I’m not 100% sure. I removed it from the summary just in case I got it wrong.
What Sirrian said specifically was “A lot of those guilds, they’re active enough to have registered. […] They’re certainly registering, they’re playing PvP […]”
Which I interpreted as you have to register for each GW. But I could be wrong.

Here’s the link to the stream:
The “dead guilds” part is around the 36 minute mark.

Also, @Ashasekayi did it much better than me, lol. Thanks!


Thanks for those summaries!

Ricky, I have stayed up through reset once or twice too just to try to be the person in the guild who registered and saw a similar message. My suspicion is that they wrote one message instead of two–any time that you click on “register” you will always see “your guild is already registered” instead of having a separate message saying “Congratulations! You are the first person from your guild to click on the button this week.”


Not to argue with anyone on this matter, but if live PVP ever comes to GoW i can predict it would bring some really undesired aspects into our experience, like people stalling their turns or the whole battle simply because they can do it.

Things would be complicated to balance if you imagine a payer making a loop/combo and either:

  • You need to wait until he/she finishes it.
  • The timer runs out, and that means that if you can’t finish your own loop/combo then the timer can also punish you.

“Oh, then just give a long timer for players, or eveytime they gain an extra turn the timer is increased by a small portion.”
Yeaaaaah… I’m not sure anyone wants to wait for 1~2+ minutes before they can make a move… We hate when the A.I does it for a small period of time, so a player doing it on purpose would certainly be… delightful:grimacing:


I don’t see live PVP working in this game unless it is just for matches between friends and not competitive. There are so many problematic issues like extra turn troops, general looping and not to mention the serious advantage gained by going first.

I really think they would need a whole new game that is balanced around live PVP and structured to handle the stress from the server side.


Live pvp would be really boring for so many reason

  • you will need a timer between each moves( yeah really boring to wait 10-15sec every time cause the other guy want to piss you off

  • who gonna start the fight? Cause we all know that’s a big advantage

  • who pick the team first? I always pick my team depending of the opponent so it could be long before we start the fight

  • server really suck, you getting lost for win and sometime the fight doesn’t register at all


With the complaints of cheating AI & RNG when it comes to skull matches on cascades and how quickly AI fills mana, I can’t wait to see the numerous & long threads when this gets added…

Although it will be exciting to watch all the fireworks on the board, this is also going to make things harder for players to predict how gems will settle by taking different matches.

Guess we’ll see.


I checked in our guild. Our GL usually does it, he says it becomes available about half an hour after weekly reset and it’s probably the week of GW - so you can register for the next GW shortly after the current GW has started. But we’re definitely registering manually.


This feels REALLY fast. Only 2 months between major updates? I wonder why the rush.


$$$$ these pets are there to drain you like invasion/raid/bounty


Out of everything from the stream, this caught my attention the most. I REALLY hope they add this. It would go along way to address the top heavy reward structure of GW. I’m sure more people would feel motivated to play GW matches in lower brackets if they had something to gain from winning their bracket.


Im gonna call it the Pokemon update lol


This made me really upset when i watched last night. That means it will be the same cycle of chasing my tail trying to break even on gems for the foreseeable future. Not good, i honestly don’t know how much longer i can keep that up. Definitely forces my hand to make some decisions and changes, reevaluate what kind of guild i need now, and do i want to play this way period.

Great news! I’m anxious to see what pets and doomskulls will be like in practice. It also speeds up my decision making timeline.

More good news. I took this as basically no, despite the “they won’t rule it out” part. Right now the game is totally F2P on xbox, no Live Gold required. Live PVP would make GoW require Live Gold, and i don’t have plans to get it. I suspect this would put off a lot of potential players, as the fact that it doesn’t cost anything to try out is attractive. I don’t like other games enough to warrant buying it, so buying it for one game is silly. Before the last update i would have got Gold just for this, i loved the game. But i don’t see the point of paying for a game i enjoy one out of three weeks. This statement also give a twinge of hope that there may be a sequel at some point? That would be lovely, as most of the changes, recent and upcoming, feel like a last ditch effort and trying way too hard. I mean no offense to the devs by this. I like them, they’re great as far being genuine good people who care, i just don’t like their decisions lately.