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I am the only one who never want to see a GOW 2? I mean with all the money and time i puted in this one, i hope there is an option to transfer your troops in the new one cause i don’t think i would start over…


I hope they do come out with gow2… so i can finally put this game to rest and pay attention to my other xbox games lol


Generally speaking, the reason you give is the exact reason why long-running gacha-style games like PAD (6 years and counting) haven’t launched a sequel. A number of years back, Gung-Ho did some preliminary research into a sequel and found that although a new game would give them a fresh slate, the pushback from players who had spent years building up their collection suddenly being “worthless” was far more damaging to the brand.

If Infinity+2 were ever to make a new game, it would need to be a different IP completely (not a sequel) to avoid cannibalizing the GoW playerbase.

Also, as the game seems to be doing well, there is little need for a new game currently. Going down this route would only be taken if GoW ever reached a point where the game was irreparably mechanically broken or driven so hard into the ground through mismanagement, that the only possible option was to hit the big red “nuclear launch” button and reboot/reset the IP. I very seriously doubt that the intent of the devs to intentionally destroy their own game.

Games like GoW follow a service model, meaning that if properly maintained, that there should be little, if any, need for replacement game to be created. Perhaps, one day, the devs might decide that they do not want to work on the game any longer and want it to ride off into the sunset. Otherwise than that, this is their livelihood, and I do not think that they would abandon GoW anytime soon.


I think there is a mistake the next patch will be a small one, 3.3.5.

More informations about small/big update:

So this patch is not coming early but a little bit late :slight_smile: .


Heh, Salty is already putting spoilers of the pets on Facebook:


Oh well i wanted to ride a chocobo


There is no bunny in that spoiler image. Not even the War Corgi. Salty, step up your game!
(That said, though, I like the Sphinx, she looks adorable!)



They are sooooo cute!!! I want them all… NOW!


It was really hard to select which pets we wanted to release 3.4 Update with as they are all so cute.


The ones on that banner are all adorable. But, that black kitten must be mine! :heart_eyes_cat:



I hope to see someone as my old avatar. :blush:


Do you mean there is more then 6 pets?


How much for this pet in terms of :gem:??

And can a VIP discount be applied to them. Such as 10% off per VIP level???


The beta testers got to try 3.3.5 a few weeks back. There were no mechanical changes to the game in that version. If the next update comes with pets, it’s not the version beta testers played with.


To be exact


So we’re going to have 3.4 at the end of the month and 3.3.5 before? Or no 3.3.5?


I had to rewatch, again. Sirrian said he’s there to “drop some hints about 3.4”, which he is “expecting […] towards the end of the month”. He also mentioned they will be submitting the update soon, which says to me that 3.4 is the next update we will see. I don’t think there’s a 3.3.5 @ 24 minutes


Yeah… and Nimhaim talked about pets in 3.4 few posts above…

But @Saltypatra talked on the same video @ 21 minutes about 3.3.5…

Maybe, patch 3.3.5 want bigger and bigger and so, devs renamed it in 3.4 so a big update.
Or they’re going to release 3.3.5 after 3.4. Because versioning correctly is too mainstream :stuck_out_tongue: .


Can these pets be cashed in for gems? :thinking:
I don’t think a pet walrus is gonna prevent goblins from wrecking me on the first turn.


Dumb question: will pets do anything in the game of is it just visual candy?