Gems of Streaming


I don’t think it’s a dumb question at all. Much like armor, I expect them to offer some sort of boost to souls/xp/gold. With a similar price structure. Like some pets will be paid for with gems and others cash. But the gems currency could be wishful thinking on my part.


If you use a bunny, you instant-win (needs confirmation still, but it’s the only logical conclusion).
No, actually, if I remember right, some pets do have a function while others are purely cosmetic. There was something in the spoilers like that.


You mean that?


Yup! Glad someone found it!:grinning: Thanks for sharing! (I don’t see the bunny-instant-win yet, but I’m sure it will be there!)


I’m soooo worried about doomstones.
The risk of abuse from the AI is seriously high :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You aren’t the only one. But, they have a 10% drop rate, so I hope that will keep them balanced. :crossed_fingers:


I hope so too. But bone scorpion and dragonmoth only have a 20% to dodge skull damage, and that’s more like 75% for the ai this week in raids. I’m finding it hard to be optimistic.


I bet you anything that you will have to pay 50 gems to switch pets like with class.


Holy smokes these are cute af


Can confirm, some pets are cosmetic and others have little bonuses. I’m glad you guys are so excited for pets! I am too!

I have so many exciting things in the works at the moment that I can’t share just yet, but this should change after 3.4 releases! (Yes, it is 3.4)


Are we going to be able to use more then one pet? Or we will need to switch like hero class?


You can only have one visually equipped at a time, But, all their bonuses apply. :slight_smile: (To clarify.)


Hard to pick only one with their cute faces :slight_smile:

Cool that’s what i wanted to know :slight_smile:


So that mean we will see the cute little pet beside our avatar? Nice


The pets appear to be very similar to armor.


Not really since you only can get 1 armor

I see it more like a kingdom bonus


It is not really known if the bonuses will stack. For example Pet 1 gives 50% to gold. Pet 2 gives 100% to gold. Seems unlikely you will get 150% gold bonus if you own both Pet 1 and Pet 2. If armor template is followed, there might be the equivalent of a Deathknight armor which is a pet which gives the best of all combined bonuses. Perhaps @Saltypatra can spare us a spoiler here …


My guess is only 1 pet will give gold bonus since you can feed them and increase the % bonus


I hope they eat gold and not gems !


Lol we know they eat their own color food but we don’t know what it will cost to buy the food.

I really doubt it will only cost gold, it would be too easy to level up, they will probably cost gems or a new currency