Gems of Streaming


I hope one eats treasure maps! It’d give the ones with thousands a dump!


With a new Trophy Set on PS4 i hope :slightly_smiling_face:


Because we need more collectibles, I’m really hoping each pet has its own individual type of food that drops randomly no matter which pets you actually own :roll_eyes:


my bet is with the way the game is going each pet cost 5 bucks if you run out of food the pet dies within 24hours xD


Given how the weekly packs with a legendary that can be pulled from a normal Glory/Gem chest cost 50 bucks, I find your bet to be an utopian hope. Since the devs seem to think we’re made of money or something.


@Saltypatra so you going to show us pet preview in tomorow stream?


Hmmmm, maybe! I’m going to experiment with getting setting up a build that will let me preview Doomskulls! OH MY!


So this week’s stream will be a preview of the 3.4 Update, focusing on doomskulls and how they work!


I hope you have a “Doommug” to show us. :wink:


I don’t I’m sorry! But, for your viewing pleasure…

  • Bunny Mug
  • Cauldron (Salty’s massive pink mug)
  • Pusheen Mug
  • Chip from Beauty and the Beast Mug

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Pusheen Mug, Bunny Mug if/when @Sheba is present watching the stream. :grinning:


Anything except bunny mug :stuck_out_tongue:


Heads up team, if we get to 75 concurrent viewers tomorrow I will release an extra special code. :slight_smile:


What time is the stream tonight? My son is super excited to see doomskulls in action.


I won’t be - I’m heading to bed right now, actually. But that doesn’t mean that you guys shouldn’t enjoy a bunny-mug.
That said, anything below this kind of bunny-quality should not be accepted by you guys. Make sure Salty only offers good bunny-(in)-mug-quality!

Also the fact that not 100% have voted for bunny-mug shows me that the bunny-forum takeover is not successful enough yet.
I need to post more bunnies, it seems.
You need to accept the bunnies as your masters. Here are some impressive bunnies. Be impressed!:triumph:


Bunnies are delicious


Why you do this? Are you happy now? Are you proud of yourself?
Shame on you!


You gonna eat that?


I guess he ate it cause it’s gone lol


Well, i imagined it was too graphic for the forums, but still wouldn’t lose the chance to share this cub with a guilty/pleading look.