Gems of Streaming


Tomorrow we will be streaming at 12 midday AEDT, or 8 PM EST. Me and @Cyrup will be previewing some Shentang troops! Woo! Please come and join us to talk all things Gems of War and see what will be coming in the future. :slight_smile:



edit: except for the bit where this happens when I am most hungry during the day


So who will chat and who will play? :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, actually, I’ll let you vote on it! (Please take mercy on me and vote for me to chat so I can have all the coffee.)

  • Cyrup Play and Salty Chat.
  • Salty Play and Cyrup Chat.

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i took you in pity :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you!


<.< >.>

Looking forward to the stream!


I know where you work, buddy. You wanna start this with me?


Since you asked so nicely :wink:


This is fine. I want to play only so I can play a very particular troop. :smirk: Please have mercy on my poor skillZ.

I know where he works too! :scream:

@Ozball traitor


I see you @Tacet and @Ashasekayi!!!



look like a very close match, make me think of the last superbowl game :slight_smile:


Last time, @Cyrup played and Salty gave her the wrong advice and she lost because of that in the last match! I want Cyrup to play again so that she can win this time! :smiley:


EXCUSE YOU. My advice is magical.


It’s fine! I think I lose my confidence on Stream because I am also trying to talk as well so I rely on Salty more. But she’s also busy talking so it’s easy to make mistakes. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think it’s really difficult to play and chat at the same time. Heck, given how often I miss 4-matches and click the spell button too early without any distraction, I don’t even know how I would do while chatting…:joy:


you should ask tacet to teach you how to play while you talk :slight_smile:


why is there no option for sirrian plays and chats? :sunglasses:


Because Sirrian is busy. :stuck_out_tongue: